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FUE 1800-2300 grafts. With Dr.Bisanga @ Bisanga/ Athens Greece



*Sorry, a bit late in updating this forum.
Currently approaching 6 weeks post operation.

Point Blur_Sep122019_160041.jpg
Point Blur_Sep122019_160018.jpg
Point Blur_Sep122019_155907.jpg
Point Blur_Sep122019_155826.jpg

On the 2nd of September myself and my friend flew out to Athens for my front temples and hairline reconstruction surgery with Dr.Bisanga. My surgery scheduled on the 3rd of September at 7:45.

As promised by the clinic, a driver was waiting for my arrival in the airport (even though we were 1 hour 30 minutes delayed / late). He then took us straight to our hotel and we checked in.

On the morning of the Surgery at 6:15 I went down to the hotel restaurant where we had breakfast. Avoiding caffeine and drinks high in Vitamin C. I had quite a large breakfast knowing there was a long day ahead. Although the hotel was great, my sleep the night before had suffered. I only managed around 5 hours.

My hotel was only a short 15 minutes walk from the clinic. Arriving at B & C I was greeted very happily from my Athens point of contact Maria. She took me through everything and I signed the necessary paperwork. From that point I went and met Dr.Bisanga's Technician. She took my before photos and handed me my surgery wear.

Once Dr.B arrived, we went off to another room to disscuss the surgery. We also discussed the hairline and any other questions I had. He again was very welcoming, professional and put me at ease straight away. Although the process did seem to be quite rushed as he was a little late on the morning.

During the operation Dr.Bisanga was joined by two fellow surgeons from Israel. They didn't contribute towards the surgery, but were just observing, asking him and myself questions along the way. His knowledge is unquestionable in regards to FUE and it was a pleasure to listen in and contribute to their conversation. Both Dr.Bisanga and the other surgeons were complementing myself on the unlimited donor area / hair quality I seem to possess. For this reason Dr.B evenly punched one side and the rear of my head. He explained the reasons behind this and I was more than happy to agree.

As disscussed with my UK patient advisor Ian, Dr.B completed all graft punches and incisions. Again the other Drs seemed to be in awe of his techniques and quality of work. All things you would love to hear from the mouths other professional surgeons.

Once Dr.B had finished off, his team of technicians from his Belgium clinic began the extractions of all the grafts. This for me was the worst part of the operation. Not because of the extractions, but the body position I had to endure for quite some time. I was face down on the chair, on what can be described a very hard travel pillow with my neck bent up over. I was later told the clinic are in the process of moving to their new premises and this wasn't the usual chair used. I did have to stop for a few seconds every now and then to stretch my jaw and neck.

A this point we stopped for lunch and I was provided with a meal while the technicians sorted my grafts.

After a quick lunch break at around 3.30pm we were back in the surgery room. The final stretch! Placing the grafts in the incision sites. This was the most comfortable part of the procedure for myself. As I was sat conventionally on my back relaxing, while the technicians completed the placements. The two surgeons from Israel popped in from time to time to watch their techniques. Again they were both impressed.

Overall the procedure was great. The lead upto the big day was well organised and communication with my UK patient advisor Ian second to none. Not only Dr.Bisanga, but his team and staff are all clearly professionals.

From the start, I some how had a gut feeling Dr.Bisanga was was the physician for me. After researching on various hairloss forum's, reading reviews, looking at examples / styles of work, I decided he was the surgeon for my desired hairline.

Fingers crossed I've made the correct decision!

Specifics from my procedure :

Punch size - 0.9

Total Graft Count - 2622
1s - 400
2s - 976
3s - 1046
4s - 200




Month 4 update
It's been 4 months yesterday since I had the surgery with Dr.Bisanga in Athens. Very happy with the way things are going. The only very slight issue to date is the hairline to the right side of my head. It just seems fairly sharp and unnatural the way it approaches the temple area. Again it's a very minor issue but I think it would have looked more natural to have been shaped like the left side. It may just be a case that this area hasn't produced any follicles as of yet but only time will tell.
I've uploaded a few photos to show my progession. Under harsh lighting conditions - a few with the hair wet, a few with the hair dried upright and another few in natural daylight (out of direct sunlight) with paste in the hair.
Again very happy for the 4 months stage and would like to hear how others think I'm getting on




Staff member
Hi James.
A belated welcome to the forum. Thanks for your detailed write up and ongoing updates.
The work looks very good. You had a decent size surgery with a lot of grafts packed in which should produce a great hairline.
It is quite common for one side to grow in quicker than the other, the difference right now is minor but an easy fix if it did stay like that. I think things will turn out ok once you`re nearer to the 12 month mark, everything matching etc.

I`ll look forward to following your progress.

All the best.