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Fue 4100 grafts 12 months later



I had a fue hair transplant 12 months ago 4100 grafts, agreed first half then come back later for crown and mid section.

Result so far is not good, can look straight through hair into scalp, its got no density at all, hard to take any positives from current situation.

Have had consultation with another clinic in person, he was recommending taking up 2700 grafts for crown and mid section but says i wouldn't be able to take any more from donor area. But what concerns me is donor area looks quite depleted already. Says i could have same density for rear as what i currently have.

Also said no way I had 4100 grafts

What options do I have left, would body beard hair be able to add more density and finish remainder
or would it better to get SMP or Tricopigmentation would it be better to have another fue for remainder of head so would have same look over all over shaved to 1 on clippers them the smp trico?

Be interested to hear your thoughts to make the best of a bad situation, not sure what to do, obviously don't want to waste money if result is not going to look good seems to be the longer it grows the worse it looks.


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Hi Rob

Firstly appreciate you sharing your experience with the forum am sure it will help others , as for your HT your pictures say it all and 4000 grafts well it depends what grew and what did not but it certainly does not look like it , I would suggest at this stage get your pictures out to respected Clinics and Surgeons and find the best one that has a plan of action for you , the Donor you have left is precious so you need to ensure that you pick the right Clinic Surgeon , As for beard Grafts to be used their is cases out their but do your research do not rush in plus their is experienced members on this forum who can give you some guidance as well wishing you all the very best and check out the Clinic Section


Hi Rob, Im sorry to see what you've received for result. The good news are that at least from the photos the donor seems not bad, Im pretty sure that some reputed doctor could get more "substance" from there. But you will have as much as one more bullet, maybe two bullets if you use the first one ccorrectly.

If you need help dont hesitate to let us know, I've been a butchered patient myself and had 5 procedures up to date, I know exactly how you feel.

This is my case:

By the way you could help more people to avoid your same mistake by telling everyone who did this job to you.

Regards and good luck