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FUE 5220 - Hattingen Hair



Hello everybody,

About my case history

I am 34 years old and I have brown hair. I first noticed that my hair was getting thinner and thinner around 8-9 years ago. At the back of the head it started 5 years ago, but advanced more rapidly. The laterals sides of the hairline started sometime in my early 20s. But that didn't bother me that much, it's just seemed a natural process. It progressively advanced until the hairline was no more than an isolated island surrounded by a sea of bald skin.

For the past 12 months, I've only been walking around wearing caps. Which is okay now and then. But all the time !? It annoyed me a lot, although I like caps.

So I decided to have a hair transplant. I gathered information in several forums over the past few years. I'm really happy that I took my time, otherwise things would have gone differently. I would probably have done a HT much earlier and may now have to correct it (such stories abound). I almost had the hair removed by a robot. It was advertised as the absolute top of the line in a clinic. A manual removal by a professional convinced me more.

Selection of the surgeon / clinic:

After my own research on the Internet and in some forums, the following doctors and clinics came into question for me: Hattingen Hair, Dr. Feriduni, HLC, Dr. Koray, Dr. Demirsoy and Kö Hair

From Dr. Muresanu (Hattingen Hair) and by Dr. Feriduni, I got the most professional feedback. I felt that I would be in good hands there. But knew in advance that they would also be the most expensive.

HLC, Dr. Koray, and Dr. Demirsoy were ok too. I can't say anything bad about it. I actually wanted to spare myself Turkey because of the language, flight, temperatures, and possible follow-up treatment. In my case, these options would not have been cheap either.

The contact with Kö Hair was just a joke. In response, I received a Super Summer Special. Not even half a page. Without information or analysis. Instead of 5000 grafts, like all other clinics, they only recommended 3000 grafts. And that at a dumping price with an overnight stay, etc. I'm still waiting for a response to my complaint about this dubious offer.

Well ... with the doctors I got in touch with Dr.Muresanu responded very quickly by email. I've always found the conversations very pleasant. We then had a casual Skype conversation relatively quickly, in which he took a look at my “construction” site, explained a lot of the thoughts behind his recommendation and answered my questions. With such a large number of grafts, I was actually recommended FUT.

Next, we made an appointment for a personal consultation in a hotel in Düsseldorf. Here he took a close look at my problem area and donor area. Under a special magnifying instrument, he could see my density and said that I have above average density and very nice follicular units, and that I was therefore eligible for FUE. Here he also clarified that large FUE sessions don't make sense for everyone. So now I was very relieved because I actually wanted FUE, and a few days later we made an appointment for August 2020.

Arrival / overnight

To get there I had to drive about 600km by car. I have planned the trip as a one week vacation with my family in advance. I can only recommend anyone who has never been to Lake Constance, Rhine Falls, Mainau Island, Constance, etc. We reserved a vacation home in Rialasingen-Worblingen for this. In terms of costs, the German side was exactly right. Switzerland is really very expensive when it comes to hotels/restaurants. I drove to Schaffhausen for about 30 minutes. Because of customs and looking for a parking space, I always left 1 hour in advance.

First day of surgery approx. 2400 grafts

Dr. Muresanu met me at the clinic at 7 a.m. We had a casual conversation beforehand which took away my nervousness.

And then it began. I was given a light surgical shirt and shoes. First the hair was shaved off and I was given medication (painkillers and a pill to relieve nervousness). Then the hairline was drawn. This point was very important to me. We talked a little about what is feasible and what makes sense for the future. The hairline was placed about 0.5-1cm behind my front hairline in case it should go back in the future.

Around 8 a.m.the rest of the team arrived together with Dr.Laura Muresanu.

I was placed on my stomach and then everything went very quickly, a couple of injections were given, which I found rather uncomfortable...still better with the anesthetic then without . That was the greatest discomfort during the entire operation. Next the extraction from the donor area began. After a few were removed I was “turned” over and the recipient slits were prepared followed by immediate insertion of the previously removed FU`s. You can tell that the whole team works very well and smooth together. I had a lunch break between noon and 1 p.m. I could choose between different dishes.

This intermittent rhythm continued for the rest of the day. Removal and insert transplants. I had no pain. I had imagined the operation to be much worse. We finished around 5pm. I was given a bandage, compresses and a pirate bandana. In addition, saline solution in a spray bottle to keep the grafts moist every 2 hours. And pain relievers for the night.

I slept uncomfortably because of the required sleeping position on the back. After such an operation with a neck pillow, sleeping on your back at a 45 degree angle, sucks.

Second day of surgery approx. 2800 grafts

Basically just like the 1st day of surgery. Only instead of the preliminary talk etc. the hair was washed briefly. Here I was very afraid that the transplants would be destroyed directly. I fully trusted Mr. Muresanu and his team. Overall, the 2nd day was an hour shorter. A total of 5000 grafts were planned. An additional 220 grafts could be removed that were used for fine tuning. At the end of the day I received a folder with all the important information about care for the next few days, such as a PH-neutral shampoo, an ointment for the donor area and one for the recipient area.

Third day - follow-up check

Finally, I came again the next morning for a quick follow-up check. I have been carefully washed the recipient zone and donor area. Then I was informed how I should best behave for the next 2 weeks and how I care for the recipient zone. The last open questions were answered by Dr. Muresanu.

Overall, I felt very comfortable and in professional hands at Hattingen Hair.

Haircount: FUE 24.-25.08.2020
1. 431 431
2. 2298 4593
3. 2215 6645
4. 276 1104
Total: 5220 12776
Avg.Rate: 2,47




Staff member
Welcome to the forum Yondu. I`m pleased it helped you while researching.
I enjoyed reading your story. I can relate to Switzerland hotels being expensive. When I visited Hattingen clinic we went across the border to Germany to sample the cost savings and good food.
It`s good to hear your surgery went smoothly over the 2 days as you got a lot of grafts. The work looks great, very neat and clean. I`m sure it will produce a fantastic result for you. The sleeping at an angle and spraying is a pain but worth it and soon forgotten.
I`ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.


This looks awesome. I reckon by day 6 it'll be difficult to see you had something done.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
You picked a top clinic for sure, the work looks awesome just like all their work I've seen. Please please keep us updated with your progression dude.