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FUE @ ASMED Clinic in Turkey During COVID-19 (highly recommend!)



Since my mid 20s my front hairline had been receding (4-6 years ago!) and was not really responsive to alternative therapies (i.e minoxidil). This is something I had always wanted to fix however there never seemed to be a good time between work/school/other commitments etc. Finally a few months ago I decided 2020 was the year to address this desire, with everyone working from home & many business closed it seemed like a good opportunity. I booked a FUE procedure @ the ASMED Clinic in Turkey with Dr Koray Erdogan. As a North American & english speaker I was a bit hesitant to travel all the way to Turkey for a hair transplant. But I was determined to fix my hairline so I did my research and quickly learned that the ASMED clinic had an excellent reputation. I was impressed from the moment I reached out to the ASMED team to inquire about procedure availability and a consultation. I uploaded some photos of myself and provided a bit of detail and the next day the patient coordinator had already got in touch with me. They were able to quickly book me for a procedure a few weeks later and the logistical details were easily sorted out.
I arrived in Turkey 2 days before my procedure and was picked up by a progressional driver working for the ASMED clinic who brought me to the clinic immediately for some general tests (including a rapid COVID-19 test). The next day I had my consultation with Dr. Erdogan and a FUE of approx. 2800 grafts was planned. The procedure went well with no issues and 2 days later I was on my way home with some clear instructions on how to care for my new grafts. I am now only a few days procedure and so I'm eagerly awaiting the growth of my new hairline in a few months time. However I wanted to share my story already so that it may help anyone who is hesitating about travelling to Turkey or trying to decide which of the many clinics to select.

From initial contact to the FUE procedure to the current followup support the whole experience at the ASMED clinic has been excellent. I was impressed with the facilities which were incredibly clean, professional and state of the art. The planning and procedure were smooth and efficient. You can tell the staff are very knowledgable with a high level of expertise and professionalism... and honestly it seems they are all really happy working there. The patient coordinator I was assigned (Suzana) was amazing & spoke perfect english. She was there to support me every step of the way and was very responsive and empathetic to any need. Finally the clinic had solid protocols in place to deal with the current COVID-19 situation, I felt safe and very assured throughout my whole time there.
Overall it is truly a 5-Star Clinic & Staff! I am looking forward to seeing the results!


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Glad everything went well. Would love to see some photos of before and after etc.


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Sounds like you had a great experience.
It would be nice to see your before and after pictures.