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More than 20 Top surgeons and hot newcomers will present latest trends.

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The FUE Annual meeting will take place in sunny Malaga April 26th-28th, 2018!

Day 1 (26.4.18): Basics

Day 2 (27.4.18): Expert round-up

Day 3 (28.4.18): Clinical workshop in 3-4 surgery rooms
GALA Dinner with Entertainment in the Evening

After a great meeting in Ankara hosted by Dr. Özgür last year, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Annual Meeting of FUE Europe Society.
Top surgeons and hot newcomers will present latest trends and results to improve your daily work. Besides the theory, a clinical workshop with renowned experts will let you see and discuss the wide range of professional practical work in FUE.

That’s what FUE EUROPE hopes to achieve. A great group of people from the heart of Europe, open to the world, with key experts. Far less pitching, but humane conversations in an environment where people can get to know each other and improve their skills. The focus will be on quality instead of quantity, not repetitions but new insights!

Also, it`s a fantastic time to see Malaga and the many exciting historical places around. Think about Andalucia with Alhambra in Granada or the marvellous towns of Sevilla and Cordoba to complement.

This event will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the best and meet the newcomers. We have of course organized also activities where we have the chance to interact with each other and socialize. Do not miss this important event - Welcome to Malaga 2018!
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