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FUE extractions vs implantation

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FUE hair transplantation - SMP
FUE : Extractions vs implanting
We frequently get the question about what is more difficult : doing FUE extractions or implantation work?
In our office we only perform manual implantation by forceps and manual extractions using 0,70-0,80 mm punches. These techniques are working best for us, however there are other routines that might work very well for other institutes.
In short we have come up with the following :

Implantation of grafts :
€¢ Knowing/understanding the implantation angle is key.
€¢ Handling grafts : avoid drying out and squeezing to death is key
€¢ Excessive Bleeding and popping are factors that implanters come across and must deal with. An experienced implanter will know how to handle the situation properly and usually without the help of the surgeon
€¢ In our institute we find that implanters take about 8-12 months of training before they have reached the level that we expect from our technical assistants.

FUE Extractions
€¢ Very good hand-eye coordination is critical
€¢ Knowing-understanding the angle of the graft is key
€¢ Adjusting to the length-depth of the graft is key
€¢ Dealing with differences in skin texture/behavior is key
€¢ Understanding €“handling splay of the grafts is key
€¢ Extracting in a random pattern is key for donor management
€¢ Cherry picking routines must be understood in the context of the entire treatment

There are other factors as well, this list is just some of the issues that we came up with and we welcome more imput.
In all we feel that extracting grafts requires more technical experience and is harder to perform properly than implantation. There are more variables that need to be controlled during extractions. Extracting is also more exhausting since we use 4,5-5,5 magnification loupes vs 2,5 * loupes that our implanters use.

Both implantation work and extraction work require extremely trained and talented people FUE hair restoration is a team work and the entire team is only as good as the weakest link.



Staff member
Thanks Sabine for that insight to how your clinic operates.

Its always good to hear about clinics protocols etc.