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FUE/FUSS Combination Hair Transplant/Jerry Cooley MD, 4611 Grafts



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This patient had initially had FUE to his crown and hairline at another clinic with disappointing results. We discussed FUE vs FUSS and he opted for the latter for his next procedure. He has very fine hair so he needed a good amount of hair to provide adequate coverage. We performed 4,197 grafts FUSS in the first procedure, mostly to the crown but also to reinforce the hairline. He returned one year very pleased. The strip scar had healed very well and was almost invisible.

He wanted a small fill-in session to the crown so for the next procedure, we performed non-shaven FUE of 414 grafts. This allowed us to selectively harvest 3 and 4 hair grafts for maximum effect. He is shown one year following this procedure

Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant1.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant2.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant3.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant4.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant5.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant6.jpg

This is the placement for the 4197 FUSS grafts.

Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant7.jpg

Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant7.jpg
Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant9.jpg

Here is the placement for 414 non-shaven FUE grafts.

Dr. Jerry Cooley Hair Transplant10.jpg


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Awesome this....crown looks amazing now....the small FUE has finished it off nicely.