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FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Bessam Farjo - 1740 Grafts


Mick From Farjo

Valued member
This patient is in his 30’s, using Minoxidil and had an FUE procedure of 1740 grafts (2.4 Hairs per graft) 8 months ago.

The pics were taken showing his new lockdown hairstyle.

Farjo hair transplant1.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant 2.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant3.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant4.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant5.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant6.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant7.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant8.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant9.jpg
Farjo Hair Transplant10.jpg


BHR Clinic Patient Advisor
He must be very happy with this outcome and especially for the amount of grafts used...well done.


Valued member
Wow that is a transformation!!!! My hair loss situation was no where near this and I had 3700 graphs so I’m expecting amazing results


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Now that's how you do it! Well done Dr Farjo I love this... especially how natural that hairline looks.