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FUE Hair Transplant - Dr Bessam Farjo

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Mick From Farjo

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Dr Bessam Farjo performed a 2035 FUE hair transplant surgery.
The patient wanted to improve his hair with a combination of Surgery and Finasteride.
The patient said In his own words "a winning combination".


  • Before hair transplant.jpg
    Before hair transplant.jpg
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  • Before hair transplant1.jpg
    Before hair transplant1.jpg
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  • Before hair transplant2.jpg
    Before hair transplant2.jpg
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  • Before hair transplant3.jpg
    Before hair transplant3.jpg
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  • Hair transplant donor area.jpg
    Hair transplant donor area.jpg
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  • post op FUE hair transplant.jpg
    post op FUE hair transplant.jpg
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  • Post op FUE surgery.jpg
    Post op FUE surgery.jpg
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  • post op fue.jpg
    post op fue.jpg
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  • Farjo Hair Institute.jpg
    Farjo Hair Institute.jpg
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  • Farjo Hair Institute1.jpg
    Farjo Hair Institute1.jpg
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    Farjo Hair Institute2.jpg
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  • Farjo Hair Institute3.jpg
    Farjo Hair Institute3.jpg
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You have any pictures with his hair pulled back "after", to expose the guy´s hairline, like in the "before´s"?


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Nice this....love the hairline shape, very sensible and super natural.
Thanks for sharing :)