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FUE Hairline and Crown Reconstruction on ex-Man Utd Player and MANUTV pundit

HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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Ben Thornely, an ex- Manchester Utd football player, he now appears regularly on MANUTV as a football pundit wanted to improve his hairline and overall hair coverage. He wanted to keep a conservative hairline but improve the definition and how it framed his face, especially when his hair was brushed up or back. The next priority was to improve his hair coverage and density over the mid-scalp and crown. FUE technique was used with a total of 1778 follicular units placed, the break down is below.

Hairline and frontal zone = 871
Crown = 907

Singles = 1022
Doubles = 452
Triples/+ = 304

Presented below is an image of Ben in his Manchester Utd player days with his then trade-mark center parting hair style. The images of before, post op and grown out hair transplant result from us. Including a video with Ben discussing his hair loss, how he felt about losing hair and going through his FUE procedure right up to date with his grown out result.

Ben Thornley in his playing days for Manchester Utd


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Being a UTD fan myself I've seen him on Manutd TV and his hair looks a lot better these days compared to how it was.
HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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Here is a before and immediately after graft placement image to show the areas treated. Yhe immediate hairline was rebuilt to give greater definition. Then behind his hairline in the frontal third to add areas of lost hair density and finally throughout his mid-scalp and coverage over his crown.



Amazing results have been produced by the Hair Dr Clinic in UK ! It could really inspired other people to see the resutls of hair loss treatment ...


4 awesome repairs with SMG
What channels does he pundit for do you know, I would love to see how it looks on tv....guessing SKY as I've not seen him on terrestrial TV.