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Fue now, Strip later. Bad idea?



I need to do something as I'm Norwood 5/6, but as I only have windows in work of 3 weeks max, I am looking at Fue. Even 3 weeks might leave me with redness, but hopefully I can use concealer by then. A Strip would mean more down time, which I don't have.

I am thinking that I could start with a 3-4,000 graft Fue, to get back the front third and some on top. I could then either stick with that, or at a later date if I feel the need and have a bigger window, I could go for a Strip.

Would this be a silly idea? I know the strip area would be depleted by then and remaining potential grafts possibly damaged, but has this often been done before or is it not recommended?

I know Strip would provide more grafts, with less donor healing involved, but its the waiting for that scar to get hidden thats the problem.


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Brightside--Always a major concern is the window of opportunity. It is my major obstacle as well. I like your idea and believe that you could more than likely pull it off in the 3 week time frame assuming you went to a quality physician recommended here so that the work is ultra refined.

Not a bad idea to go with the fue first because you then at a later date could grow hair a little longer to conceal the scar if you chose. You could ofcourse do that now but you'll look like bozo in the mean time. Also, fue will give you an idea of whether you even want to pursue this whole HT thing as being a NW 5-6 you'll need more work to likely make you happy. Personally I would consider going for a "balding look" in that I would get a high hairline that is not perfectly linear or dense. Then if you keep hair short it will just appear that you are choosing to keep hair short because you are thinning. You could always add to density and definition in future should you choose. Just my 2 cents.

Research a whole lot my friend.



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hi and welcome,

If you are a nw5 or nw6 you must have your donor area checked before anything else. Make a good future planning according to your donor reserver. Sometimes nw5 or nw6 have so few grafts available that it is wiser NOT to go for a transplant.

Having said that, and assuming that you have a realistic idea what is possible (and what is not possible) I believe it is always the best option to have FUE first.

1. If you go for strip first and FUE later than the scar will be visible for a while as FUE requires full shave of the donor area in most cases.
2. FUE first will leave you the option of short hair and even full shave later in life. Please do note that you can not expect a virgin looking donor area after harvesting lets say 5000 grafts ... but it will still look MUCH better than any strip scar.
3. Using FUE only you will have a more balanced overal density. This means that the donor density and the recipient area density will be more equal.

I hope this will help to make an informed descision.