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FUE procedure with Dr Bijan Feriduni - 3529 grafts



Hi Everyone. I haven’t done a blog before but thought I would give it a go, as I know how much these forums have helped me during my research over the past couple of years.

A bit about me, I’m 27 years old from the UK and started noticing hair loss when I was around 21 in the frontal hairline and temple areas. This has since gone further back and I have been using Rogaine for a few years now which I personally don’t think has done much to help except give me some baby hairs. I haven’t considered finasteride due to knowing someone who suffered side effects from it. It has accelerated during the past couple of years which has led me to investigate having a hair transplant. My family history suggests that it is no surprise that I have male pattern baldness, however I do have two older brothers who have barely had any hair loss which is unfortunate for me. I have got used to my receding hairline over the years although that doesn’t mean that it has got any easier. I can’t say that my hairline has stopped me doing anything I’ve ever wanted to do; however, I can say it has made me unhappy over the past few years. I personally think the acceleration in hair loss has been due to a stressful work life in Central London and a stressful relationship break up. My friends have never really said anything regarding my hair; however, I know that my hair loss has changed the way I look and made me very self-conscious. Sadly, there have been a few occasions with people I don’t know very well, who have commented on it. This was when I really started researching how to fix this.

How did I start my research? I’m lucky to have a great barber who has always done a great job with my hair, he has good knowledge of hair transplantation having researched it himself. He also has some clients who have recently had FUE transplants at different clinics all over the world ranging in different costs. All the individuals were happy with their results, however my barber made it clear that he could see the difference in the quality of the procedures when cutting their hair. Some scarring on the donor areas was more noticeable, and the pattern of the implanted hairs was not so irregular which didn’t achieve the natural look. This ruled out the cheaper options in the UK and in Turkey which I initially investigated.

I investigated a few clinics in the UK and abroad including Canada as they were recommended to me, by people who had been over there for their surgery and were very happy with their results.

One clinic that was recommended to me was Dr Feriduni in Belgium. It was clear very quickly from my research that Dr Feriduni is one of the best in Europe, if not the world! I knew this meant that the surgery was not going to be cheap but in the long run the result would be priceless. The clinic replied to me within 10 days of sending in my photos with their recommendations and advised a consultation would be best. Suddenly, the UK was in lock down, so I managed to speak to Dr Feriduni on zoom. He got my photos up on his screen and explained my hair loss and what was likely to happen in the future. I knew straightaway from the zoom call that Dr Feriduni was the man for the job. Unfortunately, his clinic had to close for 2 months over the summer due to Covid-19, and then he wasn’t accepting patients from the UK due to this. I have been working from home since March this year and will continue to until at least March 2021, so this is a great time to have a hair transplant without the impact on my day to day life.

I finally managed to book in my consultation at the clinic for September and pre-booked the surgery for November, as Dr Feriduni is booked up months in advance which is testament to his work. This got pushed back to October due to my work commitments and I travelled to Hasselt by car from the UK. With Coronavirus still spreading, I thought driving would be the safest route, and it only took just under 3 hours to get to Hasselt from Calais once I arrived on the Eurotunnel.

It was great to meet Cristian and some other members of the team I had been emailing, the clinic was very clean, modern and smart which you would expect. I met with Dr Feriduni for around an hour, he was a gentleman and was very confident that we could get a good result. He took some photos of my hair and used several instruments to check my hair density and number of donor grafts. He showed me similar patients which put my mind as ease as their results looked amazing. We then discussed the new hairline and drew it on my head so I could see what it would look like. He made it clear that it is likely that I would need further surgery in the future for future hair loss. We agreed to a conservative approach with the new hairline to save donor grafts for future surgeries, but it was well in proportion with the rule of thirds.

We discussed finasteride which I have never taken, he advised I should start using topical finasteride and sent a prescription over to a pharmacy in Italy. The process with the pharmacy has been easy and I received the gel within 2 weeks.

My surgery is booked for Tuesday 10th November which is exciting but nerve-racking at the same time. I think the part I’m most nervous about is the days and weeks after the surgery where I want to make sure I do everything as advised.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to providing a further update when I’m back from Belgium following the surgery.


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Staff member
Hi Ross.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your detailed write up.
Dr Feriduni is a great choice, I`ve known him a long time and he is always very genuine with patients. Cristian and the team are lovely people.
The 3100 grafts will make a great difference to your appearance. Then no more silly people making jibes about your hairline. I had that myself with my crown loss and it`s not nice.
With some luck, the Topical Finasteride will work and give no sides.
I sorted the images. It's a size thing. In the future just leave as is and I`ll rotate them if needed.
I bet you`re excited about the 10th of November. Are you travelling across the same way you went for your consultation?


Hi Bigmac,
Thanks for the message and sorting the photos.
I've been using the topical finasteride for a week now, have been struggling to cover the whole area of where I need it. That is a question for Dr Feriduni in a couple of weeks. Yes, we're driving over again on 9th Nov, very exciting!
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Staff member
I have not used the Topical before as I`ve taken 1mg Finasteride since 2005.
I did hear it`s hard spreading the Topical over the entire area as the amount is quite small. Any chance you could post a picture of the capsule?
Driving is nice as you can relax, stop off places etc. Are you planning on staying in Hasselt or straight back home after surgery?


We’re going for 2 nights, staying in Hasselt. I’m meeting Dr Feriduni on the afternoon before to discuss the final plans for the hairline.

Then I will go back the day after the surgery for a hair wash. We plan to drive back after that, but the clinic have asked us to allow extra time, just in case we need to finish the procedure in the morning as it is a lot of grafts for one day.

I’ve attached photos of the topical finasteride gel.


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Staff member
Thanks for the Topical gel pictures. Hopefully, Dr Feriduni can explain in more detail how best to apply it.
Staying in Hasselt will give you time to relax after surgery, then getting your hair washed the following day gives them a chance to check everything over again and it feels good. My HT`s at SMG they would wash the next day.


No worries, would you say it was painful at all the next day? Im looking to take arnica afterwards for the swelling. Is there anything else I should take pre/post op that isn't the Painkillers, serums, shampoos and sprays they’ll give me?


Staff member
They’ll provide you with all your post op care needs. For me it wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable a bit.
Apart from snacks there’s not really much you need.


Hey Ross, excellent story so far. Research, review, and time taken have lead you to a top doctor. people in the early stages of their research can learn a lot from your post. Take a comfortable travel pillow if they don't provide one in the aftercare package, it will help with your drive back home. Be extra careful entering and exiting the car as taking a knock to a recently transplanted head is quite common.
Good luck with everything on the 10th.


We’re going for 2 nights, staying in Hasselt. I’m meeting Dr Feriduni on the afternoon before to discuss the final plans for the hairline.

Then I will go back the day after the surgery for a hair wash. We plan to drive back after that, but the clinic have asked us to allow extra time, just in case we need to finish the procedure in the morning as it is a lot of grafts for one day.

I’ve attached photos of the topical finasteride gel.

Hi Ross, thanks for sharing the start of your journey. I'm sorry you had to endure insensitive comments from thoughtless people - I'm sure karma will feature at some point!

I'm curious to know if topical finasteride was Dr Feriduni's first suggestion or did he suggest oral/tablet form in the first instance? I myself have concerns about the side effects of oral finasteride but am interested in topical finasteride. A well known clinic in Turkey came back to me and said topical was much less effective than oral but perhaps Dr Feriduni has found an optimal compound solution.


Hi Saint,

Dr Feriduni explained the study that was done for the 2.5% gel that I have now started using which had little or no side effects among the test group. He explained that the gel enables the finasteride to just focus on the scalp area.
From my research, it is clear that there are a lot of different topical solutions out there which are made at home or by pharmacists.

This gel solution I got from a Farmacia Parati in Milan is meant to be a lot more effective, which is why it is so hard to get unless you get a prescription from a well known surgeon. From reading forums, people have found it very hard to get a prescription for the gel I'm using, so maybe i'm fortunate that Dr Feriduni was able to send a prescription over to them.

I'll be honest I have a few questions regarding it, so when I see him in 2 weeks I shall ask him to re-explain it.
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Hello, it is meant to be next Tuesday 10th November, however it looks like this will be rescheduled due to the UK imposing an international travel ban from this Thursday. Very disappointed as we got so close to next week, but nothing we can do....


Hello everyone, we made it to Belgium with no extra checks at the border, although the clinic did provide me a certificate for travel just in case. I did have a private covid test over the weekend in London and forwarded the results to the clinic prior to today.

I had my pre-op appointment with Dr Feriduni this afternoon and we finalised the hairline ahead for tomorrow. I'm really happy with it and am confident of a good result. Dr Feriduni showed me a live surgery video today of the process which he used for a ISHRS conference last year which included extraction, incisions and implantation. Now I feel confident of the process, and although it will be a long day I now know what to expect.

Hasselt itself is a nice place, although everywhere is closed due to covid which is unfortunate. It did however mean that the journey here was quicker than before.

He did take professional photos on his camera, but I've attached one from my phone of the planned hairline. I will update you later this week when I'm back in the UK.


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Staff member
Hi Ross. It`s good to hear you were able to travel and keep the surgery date. Tomorrow will be a breeze for you, Dr Feriduni and his team are very good.
It`s a shame places are closed but you should still be able to enjoy the sights.
All the best.


Hi everyone,

I got back from Belgium yesterday following my surgery on Tuesday. The process was seamless from start to finish and I can’t thank Dr Feriduni and his team enough for the service they gave me. The surgery was a great success and Dr Feriduni and I were very happy with the transplantation of 3529 grafts in the end!

I arrived on Monday afternoon and visited the clinic for my pre-appointment. Dr F once again examined my hair and we confirmed the hairline for my surgery. We still decided on a conservative approach due to future surgeries and I was happy with it. He drew it on with pen, and it remained on there that afternoon and evening.

Hasselt is a nice place, very clean and plenty of shops and restaurants. It was disappointing that we couldn’t fully enjoy it due to places being closed due to lockdown measures.

I was collected the next morning at 7.20am and taken to the clinic. When I arrived, I was given my own room for the day and given scrubs, slip on crocs, refreshments and a painkiller to take. Once I was ready, I was taken into a room and had my head shaved and washed and photos taken. After this I went into the next room and had my blood pressure taken and was asked final medical questions. One of the assistants inserted a plastic catheter into my arm which was an antibiotic and then a drip after that. All the medical assistants were very nice and couldn’t do enough for me. Its was obvious they really enjoy their job and working together.

The first stage of the actual surgery was the extraction. I laid down on my front on a comfortable surgical bed with a hole in for my face. I was given local anaesthetic and Dr F drew lines on the back of my head to enable the two assistants to then start the extraction. I was given a relaxer and the extraction process took 2 and a half hours. The WAW 0.9mm trumpet punch machine is incredible and very quick. The two of them managed to extract 3529 grafts in the end which was amazing. Other assistants then counted them and used a microscope to split them into single, double and triple grafts.

Once this was over, I had some water and a toilet break. I was able to watch Netflix through the next two stages on a big plasma screen at the end of the bed which helped pass the time.

Dr F then gave me further anaesthetic this time in my forehead for the incision process. He had to strategically make 3529 incisions in my head, and this was absolute artistry which is why he is so highly regarded. This took about 1 hr 15 minutes and he had an assistant who was there to help him count the incisions. I obviously couldn’t feel a thing but could hear all 3529 incisions which was an eye opener.

They then cleaned my head again and they applied a blue substance which helped them see the incisions to help the implantation process. This was done by two other assistant who have over 35 years’ experience between them working with Dr F, so I was in good hands. This process of them implanting the hairs one by one felt like a long time (2 and a half hours) but they were chatty. I was able to watch another film during this time. Once the implantation was done, they triple checked it before Dr F came and had a thorough look too. He showed me the end of the implantation using a mirror and explained what they had done. He was extremely happy and so was I.

It was washed again, and I was taken back to my room where I had a lovely baguette and a break. After 15 minutes or so, Dr F came and collected me and we went to his office to take some post op photos, which he uploaded onto a new USB stick for me to take home. He showed me other clients who had similar surgeries to me and was more than confident that mine would be just as good as theirs if not better! I couldn’t stop smiling, I had finally had the surgery. This was it, now for the rest of my life!

I couldn’t believe how neat it was, this is why you pay the extra money! It looked nothing like some other transplant photos I had seen which had loads of white pimples on the recipient area. I didn’t even need a bandage for the donor area. He gave me a printed report and some instructions for aftercare, and we discussed future check ups in 6 months and 12 months.

One of his assistants then came and informed me of the aftercare instructions. They gave me a goodie bag of a spray, serum, oil, painkillers, antibiotics, vitamin tablets, bandana, pillow, pillow cover and a cool pack for the swelling with goes in the fridge. They rang me a taxi and I went back to the hotel around 4.30pm.They have an exclusive Hair Transplant app which is very helpful, it sends notifications to your phone throughout the day telling you to spray recipient area, take medication etc. They sent me a link to download it whilst I was at the clinic

That night we stayed in the hotel and relaxed, I used the spray when I got back and used it before I went to bed. I had a slight headache but took one of the painkillers they provided me. I can’t say I’ve been in any pain since the surgery, there was some slight blood loss on my pillow the next day but nothing major.

I returned the next morning at 9am for a hair wash with one of the assistants, she reconfirmed the instructions and we returned to the UK after that. The journey again being very straight forward.

Now on day two it is already changing/healing. It has started to get slightly itchy with the feeling as if I have insects crawling on my head, but I haven’t touched it at all as instructed. I use the spray they have provided 3 times a day or when it gets too much, I will continue this for the first 5-7 days. The medication has been fine. My face has some slight swelling on forehead and temples, so I have been using the cool pack once every hour for that.

To finish, I can’t rate Feriduni clinic enough from the initial contact with them through to the surgery. I never felt like just a number at any point. Dr Feriduni is one of the humblest people I’ve ever met, he knows how good he is and everyone on here knows how good he is. But as he says he just tries to do his very best for every patient no matter what surgery it is. He did a small repair surgery for a lady on the same day. A lot of his work is repair jobs which is testament to him. He was genuinely really happy for the result, and I’m looking forward to going back there for the check up and inevitable future surgeries with him further down the line. It was worth every penny and I can’t wait for the result. I will upload weekly updates when I can for the first few weeks then monthly after that once it settles down. Thanks for reading.

Pre op - day before surgery
Post op - day of surgery
Day 1, photos of me in green shirt after hair wash
Day 2 photos - me in check shirt


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Hi Ross. Congratulations on having the surgery and thanks for a great write up.
Everything you have written echo`s other patient testimonials which is excellent. Dr Feriduni is very thorough and goes over every detail.
Those 3529 grafts are going to transform your appearance. The work looks very clean and refined as always.
That crunching noise you can hear when the incisions are being made is a unique experience. At 2 days post op you look to be healing well, soon everything will look normal again except the possible lingering redness.
The app is very good too.

Hopefully, when you go back for a check up or another surgery everything will be back to normal with no COVID restrictions.

I`m looking forward to following your progress.
All the best.


Day 7 update
Everything has gone to plan over the past week, haven't been in any pain at all. Have used all of the instructions and have been extra careful.

Photos below, scabs are starting to dry up now and will fall off soon.


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