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FUE repair case - 3000 grafts FUE



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
This patient from Croatia has had 2 previous Strip surgeries, leaving him with a abnormal appearance. Plug implantation made it worse due to an unusual distribution and look of the hairline.
The goal : restore a natural look, higher density
Technically this repair was quite difficult. The strip scars made it hard to extract grafts in proximity of the scar tissue. Secondly, the implantation area was scarred badly and in some areas even raised due to underlying scar tissue.
The patient was treated in February 2010 by Team Prohair, 3000 grafts where €˜loaded €™ into the frontal third of the scalp.
Only 6 months after his repair job at Prohairclinic he send us some pictures, showing his new natural looking hair.

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