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FUT Hair Transplant at Maitland Clinic with Dr Ball



9 months ago, I finally took the step to get a Hair Transplant after years of thinking about it, changing my mind, then changing it again and I am very glad that I chose to go with the Maitland Clinic. I wanted to share my experience as I remember all the anxieties I went through about having surgery, choosing the right place, what if it didn`t look natural etc.

I remember researching for places for years and almost going ahead at numerous times but then changing my mind. I used to go to consultation meetings but just didn`t take the final step. It got to a stage where I got to a point where the hair loss didn`t actually bother me as much as it used to when I was a little younger. But then it got to a stage where my hair loss accelerated, I wasn`t strictly commuting to Minoxidil and Propecia and kept missing doses... I found it a hassle and wanted a longer term solution. I started researching again and with years of researching previously, going to consultations when I had my consultation with the Maitland Clinic it just felt right.

I know everyone is different, we are all individuals but for me personally the way I was made to feel comfortable in the consultation, the way David and Dr Ball put you at ease and particularly the care of attention you feel you are receiving was different to what I had experienced before and made my decision easy. They were very frank and honest in terms of what to expect and also think about the long term so as not to make a mistake of taking the hairline too low to cater to future hair loss.
Come time for surgery in March I cannot speak highly enough of the whole team at Maitland Clinic. Al the support staff, Dr Ball and David and Janna made me feel relaxed and comfortable and the personal interaction and care throughout my surgery and since has been amazing.

Ofcourse all this is great but the primary reason for surgery is the results. And 9 months down the line I have a head of hair that not only looks so natural but makes me look younger, frames my face and I am looking forward to it getting better and mature over the next few months. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Maitland Clinic from my personal experience.

To try and help others like me out there I documented my whole journey from the point of surgery till now in a video diary which I have been posting on YouTube but I found any of you want to have a look. Channel is ZayJayK


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Looking good Zayjay.
Nice documentation on YouTube too.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Agree with the guys....Your hair looks superb dude. It's awesome when people take the time to make YouTube videos to document their progress. It really helps others.....I did it myself and like to think I must of helped at least a few people by doing so. Keep up the good work pal.

Nice work Maitland as always guys :)