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Fut hair transplant at Maitland Clinic



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It looks like you're done with the shedding phase. Your healing is faster than the average. I definitely noticed this during your surgery day too.


You have substantial growth already and look much better. How does it actually feel looking in the mirror and seeing hair again? People have mentioned that they forget just how bald they once were when they get used to their new appearance, are you at this stage yet, or a you still getting used to the new you?

R Ahmed

@Risingforehead ,only in 6 month it actually feel really good when i look in the mirror,looks very natural,pictures actually don't do the justice.
I believe there is more hair still to come.
I am very happy, couldn't have chosen more better better clinic.


Looking fantastic at 5 months. Congratulations you must be thrilled and so much more to come. Hairline looks very natural. Congrats


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Hi R Ahmed!
Thanks so much for updating. Your result is coming along nicely. We're very happy that you're so pleased with your results thus far!
We'll keep in touch!


Amazing Experience from world class surgical team.
I had my fut procedure with Maitland clinic on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

The procedure started around 7:30 am.
Yidi(i hope i wrote the name correctly) and Morgan took my blood pressure test and Lunch order.
Then they explain gently how the procedure will go.
The way they talked with me and explained everything it was soooo caring and made me feel i am the most important person to them.

After that they took me to Surgical room where Dr Ball getting prepared for my procedure he introduced me to rest of the team members.
They all very professional,all in full surgical clothing.
Very clean and tidy surgical room same time relaxing atmosphere.

First step antibacterial hair wash then Dr Ball carefully trim the donor area which is after the stitching completely invisible.

Local anesthetic was the most scary part to me but Dr Ball and his team made it sooo comfort for me.
It was little painful but bearable.
Then the fut strip carefully taken out by Dr Ball and stitching done by Dr Ball.

What can i say about Dr Ball in a simple way,He is Master Of Perfection and Patient Caring.
He will not let you go out from his procedure room untill he feels it's done most perfectly and his team follow same ideology.
The amount of time he spent with me for pre operation consultation most doctor don't even spent that amount time for procedure.
I have sooooo much respect for him and his team.
Everyone is very polite,welcoming ,comforting and making sure am i ok and am i feeling any discomfort.

Incisions done by Dr Ball while my hair grafts carefully been separated under Microscopes
by Georgi and Mo .
They are such nice persons doing one of the most important part of the surgery,in the background throughout the day.

After the incisions it was time for lunch.
Thank you Morgan for the lovely lunch it was refreshing.
Throughout whole day there was more then plenty of snacks and drinks but I wasn't that interested on eating I don't know why .

I also needed minor mustache repair,i say minor but this is when I came to realise how Amazing Dr Ball is.
He was carefully extracting graft from my beard one at a time and placing it to my mustache area for repair.
Making sure the graft is on right place,right direction,and hair shaft is perfect position for that place.
That took Dr Ball more than hour and i can see and feel how he is planning and thinking which graft to go where,i am sooo Amazed.

After that grafts placement time on my scalp.
It was done by every single member of the surgical team including Dr Ball and Janna Shafer.

Janna Shafer she is the clinic director of the Maitland clinic and whole day she was tiredlessly making sure my surgery goes smoothly.
At one point i wasn't feeling well and needed a break they stopped everything and made sure that i ok.
Mo made me tea it was perfect cup of tea,thanks for your hospitality.
Because of I wasn't feeling well they had to stop everything it took till 10 pm to finish the grafts placement.
And not a single member of that entire team showed any sign of tiredness and I felt they want to do more for me.
At the end of surgery i wasn't feeling well again so Dr Ball,Janna Shafer and Mo stayed till late to comfort me.i cant thank you guys enough.
Janna and Dr ball personally drop me of to my hotel room and made sure i am ok.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Maitland Clinic Team,i am very grateful to you.
If i could give 5000 star review i would of and it won't be enough.


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how many hairs did you have removed?, was the procedure done in london? THanks in advance
Hi Simon,
Can you clarify what you mean by "how many hairs did you have removed?" Because you also put the quote from R Ahmed where he says he got 3036 grafts. Do you mean something else besides the number of grafts? R Ahmed had the FUT (Strip) procedure. His surgery took place in Portsmouth where our surgeries are carried out.


Many thanks Mr Ahmed for your review here on the Maitland Clinic. This gives great confidence as I am booked in with Dr Ball towards the end of Jan 2020 for 1100 Grafts FUE.