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gray hair and MPB



First forgive me if this was discussed before, but I am just putting something up here guided by my intuition. I have little knowledge about the science behind MPB. Therefore this might be and probably is nonsense, however I have no reputation that I could loose, so I decided to put it up here,as a question, anyway.

I might be wrong, but I have this vague feeling that once a man starts to get gray hair, his MPB slows down or stops. When hairs turn gray, it is like they get thicker and don €™t shed as much as the pigmented do. That was case with both my grandparents. This impression of mine might be false and I might be completely wrong, but maybe many others noticed the same thing.
I know that each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells which continuously produce a chemical called melanin and as we get older, those pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die.As people continue to get older, fewer pigment cells will be around to produce melanin. Eventually, the hair will look completely gray. I know that the melanin is also genetically predetermined and someone gets the gray hair sooner and some later.

As much as I know, not all hair follicles on our head are susceptible to DHT. And, we don't know why is that.

Is it possible that those originally susceptible to DHT, are not any longer, after they had lost the pigment cells?

The question is does Melanin Pigmentation in human Skin (and hair) has anything to do with Hormonal Regulation?

I tried to find connection .Again,it is probably nonsense,but I will put it here nevertheless.
The gray hair is completely white (no pigment whatsoever) so therefore wards off harmful UV rays from sunlight.Sunlight impact on our hair is on the top of our heads,on those hairs which are susceptible to DHT,as opposed the ones on the sides that are not susceptible to DHT.

Maybe they are (became?)susceptible to DHT because of the impact of harmful UV rays (for millenias-thus mutated)?

MPB is a gift from our ancestors,for sure.It is in the genes of good percentage of males.But,not all males.Some males.Therefore, a mutation ,an alteration of a certain gene €™s DNA sequence started occurring at some point in our evolution from hairy apes to modern humans.The DNA in any cell can be altered through environmental exposure to ultraviolet radiation, .....That is a fact.

I read that When DHT attach itself to the hair follicle it causes it to shrink ... eventually keeping it from producing more hair.
The follicles susceptible to DHT (and therefore MPB)on top of our heads must(?) have greater number of androgen receptors for the DHT to attach to.Maybe because for thousands of years during evolution UV rays raided those little soldiers ,until that UV exposure finally induced mutation, in the DNA of the cells,developing characteristic different than their buddies on the sides of our head?Characteristics that now we try to prevent/stop,and therefore gather on various Hair Loss forums and ask this kind of questions etc.
Can it be that the gray and pigmented hairs,on parts other than top of head, are immune from DHT because there was no impact (or less impact) of harmful UV rays ,(to a certain degree) to cause such DNA mutation?

What if,gray type of hair didn't get the "mutation stimulation" from the UV rays (because blocks the UV rays) thus didn't mutate,thus,doesn't have MPB characteristics.Or,doesn't have androgen receptors any longer,(or has much less)after it turned gray?Because it lost the pigmented cells.

Essential question is where are the androgen receptors in the follicle for the DHT to attach to.If we found them,can we shut them down,thus don't need to block the DHT any longer,with current medications.And if those androgen receptors in the follicle have anything to do with the melanin cells,if we transformed our hairs into colorless will we stop (or halt,or reduce) the MPB?

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Interesting post John,thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.