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Great experience



First I would like to thank everyone all of the staff who work for Cosmedica. Without their participation I would have been still searching for a hair transplant and maybe never got the results I wanted. I did my second hair transplant with Dr. Acar at the Cosmedica clinic in Istanbul. My first experience was two years ago and it was great and I was delightful to have gained my hair line back. The second treatment was done on the mid and crown section last week, now I can €™t wait to see the full result. Everything looks so neat from the transplanted area to the donor area, and also having taken some hair from my beard it left me with no pain, marks or any scars. The treatment that Dr. Acar provides alongside its service is top. I personally believe no one can beat that and do what he and he €™s team does. They make sure that they are there for you from the beginning to the end of the transplantation treatment all the way to the recovery period. Not only am I happy with the hair treatment, but I am also happy that the staff stand side by side with you even when you get back home. They genuinely will make sure that your looked after and I give full credit to Mike Smith the consultant, Moustafa the driver, the staff at the cosmedica reception desk, Dr. Acar and he €™s assistants.