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Had 3000 grafts done, FUE Prohairclinic in Belgium



Hi you all!

What to share my story. Maybe it can help somebody with some information.

Currently I am 46 years old, live in Sweden. My hairloss has been going on for 15 years. But I kept it at bay using prp injections and minoxidil.
Until this year. I realized that my hairstyle was close to being bald.

So I did what most of you guys are doing. Searching the web and forums for solutions. And to my little knowledge there are no cure or magical pill. Expect a FUE hairtransplant of course. For the record, I never consider anything but FUE. Crucial was a natural look.

So where should I get the treatment done? There are hundreds if not thousands of clinics all over the world. How to pick one? I wanted one with very good ratings. But on a pricerange that was within reason. There is always a tradeoff. Obviously everybody what to pay as little as possible.
My feelings/findings are that a cost around 2,5 euros pro graft will cover some of the very good clinics out there. Correct me if I´m wrong.

I went for ProhairClinic in Belgium. There were places in Turkey that I considered tough.

So took the car from Stockholm in Sweden and drove to Brussels in Belgium. Quite a road trip. Time wise, this was in October 2019. The clinic lies in a fancy neighborhood. Or so it feels.

I showed up on Monday at 8 o´clock. Bart, the guy that I corresponded with greets me at the door. He gives me information and talks me thru the procedure. His a nice guy, down to earth.

Then Sabine the doctor shows up. We had a discussion about the hairline. She panted it on my forehead. I then had to say how I wanted it. A good advice here would to bring a picture of yourself when you had hair. A basepoint to start discussion from. I felt unsecure making the call myself just looking in the mirror.

Then the treatment started. They gave me a lot of medications and went to work. Sabine and her crew that is. By the evening I was done for. Same procedure the day after.

Totally they transplanted 3000 grafts in two days.

Bart gave me post treatment instructions and a goodiebag with shampoo, a bottle of minoxidil/ finasteride to use topical and of I went. Taking the car back to Sweden.

I had in mind to do a little touristing in Belgium after my treatment. Forget about it! Your face is swollen and you can’t wear a hat. So the best thing to do is head for home. Which i did.

Would I pick the same clinic if I was to choose again?
Yeah, I think so.



How long have you been having the prp injections, do you feel they have helped much? Do you have a photo of you operation?


How long have you been having the prp injections, do you feel they have helped much? Do you have a photo of you operation?
Hi, I hade 3 prp injections. Two in 2018 and one in 2019. 3-4 month between them. It does help. Sure. But my hairloss had gone to far. See my picture. According to my experience you can´t bring back much of the fallen hair with prp. Excisting hair will look stonger, healthier.
But, it is a hassle, it is hurting, takes time. And it gets pricey pretty quick. So I went with the FUE hairtransplant for a more permanent solution.

Now, 45 days after treatment I look like no treatment has occurred. I´m hoping for beach 2020 :)



Ohh, the picture shows me before the FUE. But after PRP, Just so you know.