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Hair concealers or advice



Hello guys
I've styled my hair with clay product to try and fix the angles of the transplants
As u can see still really bad thin areas
I've tried fibres,scalp concealer etc etc just cant seem to get it right ie colour match, looking natural
Can u guys reccomend anything and also WHAT COLOUR hair I am cos it's a nightmare with concealer matching up




Colour and shades tend to vary by brand. I was using Toppik 'Light brown' spray but found that Mane light brown was far too light and so I switched to medium brown. I would say you look like medium brown or possibly even dark brown if you are using Mane. I found applying a bit of spray first followed by some fibres to thicken it up worked well.

I am considering getting SMP as I just got fed up with the mess concealer sprays were making on towels and pillow cases. Fibres aren't so bad but the sprays are really messy and should be washed out before going to bed IMHO.


Ok thanks mate
I think I'll try fibres again see how I get on
Thanks again


Staff member
I like Nanogen fibres, they worked really well when I had to use them on my crown. They have a spray now that may be worth a try. If say your hair is medium brown.