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Hair cuts during lockdown.



What’s everyone doing regarding hair cuts during lockdown? I cut my own hair for now with my shaver set to a #4 guard. It looks quite good but lacks any style. My brother hasn’t had a hair cut in the last 6 months and now looks like a hippy. I offered to shave it down but he refused.


I was using clippers on the back and sides but baffled by how to do the top, so it ended up a big mass of hair that, while good for the 'comb over' was far from flattering!

I took it down to a 6 on top with a 3 on the back and sides the other week - was quite a shock as I have never been that short on top! It showed my need for a HT but finding it much easier to live with - no need to worry about the wind or placing the hairs! I don't actually mind it either (but probably because I'm still WFH so don't see that many people in real life!) I got a few comments from work colleagues on video calls as it was 6/7 months length down to not much! However hoping when I appear even shorter post HT it won't be as suspicious now!!

I think going shorter on the sides than top helps - it wasn't that difficult.to.do either - just pull the clippers away slightly when you reach top rather than try and follow the curve of your head round. Take your time and start with a higher number, you can always go shorter but not the other way!!


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I had a DIY buzz cut a few months ago. Ended up cutting it shorter than I wanted due to the shaver guard sizes. I`d start off on the sides to judge the length if you haven`t cut your own hair before or it`s by an inexperienced person.