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Hair Follicles late stage treatment



When is it too late too start growth stimulants like Minoxidil or prp? Is it too late at norwood 5 or if someone is slick bald at norwood 6?. I'm already on finasteride (month 2) but are left with fine invisible hairs only so My scalp is visible. I'm considering stopping meds and get a hair system or go HRT route feminizazation. I'm Currently a norwood 5. Does it vary from person to person when the hair follicles go dead/inactive and unable to grow hair Even if treatment is started?. Heard it could take years


Staff member
Usually, it takes between 6 - 12 months to see results. If you`re not experiencing any sides would stay on them and see what happens.
If you`re slick bald, it usually means the follicles are gone with little to no hope of them returning with meds.