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Hair-loss at 20… any help



I am 20, I have such thin hair. Hairline ain’t really the worst, but it’s just my hair is so thin I csnt do nothing with it and It literally ruins my self esteem. I really don’t want short hair because it doesn’t suit me at all. I have been trying for a hair transplant but no where will do it becusse of my age and I have been taking finasteride/minoxidil for about 9 months. I really need help, but I think there’s nothing I can do. Won’t leave the house without a cap on… any suggestions help thank you



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The only thing you can add to your regimen that could help thicken your hair is Nizoral 2% shampoo, leave it on your head for 5mins before washing out.

Are you using minoxidil foam or liquid. The liquid makes your hair greasy and thinner looking. The foam drystone in 5mins.

Keep the back and sides of your hair short with a fade style and it will your hair appear fuller on top.

Wait until you are at least 25 before deciding on a hair transplant when your future hairloss pattern is easier to determine.

Your photos are not great try posting some with the temples exposed, side profiles and in good lighting.


Thanks for the reply. I use the foam minoxidil, I’m not really sure if the tablets and minoxidil have reall made any difference for me. I will order some of that shampoo now and I’ll get some better photos today. Thank you


Keep on the minox like coopman said. It is good to hear that you have been refused a hair transplant at your age. Take this as a positive at your age. The right thing at the moment and take your time with treatment for a few years.


Looked at ur pics
Deffo stay on meds
My opinion minoxide or any topical product is just a pain in the arse to rub on ur scalp for life
Go to a good barbers deffo get a short back and sides and longer on top
Maybe use hair fibres to thicken up areas.
Noticed one side is higher than other but that could be just how u style
Trust me when i tell u NOT to have a hair transplant at the moment
Stabilise ur hairloss especally u and at ur age and id say maybe have surgery when u are 28 or 30
U might not need one as ur mind changes as u get older
Ive been there mate
Please listen to us guys on the forum


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It’s hard to see how thin your hair is because the pictures don’t show it. It looks as though your hairline may have receded a little. Stay on the meds as it can take a full year to see benefits. You could also consider oral minoxidil tablets, there is quite a few doctors saying they’ve seen better results with it.
Do you have a picture from a few feet away with your hairline lifted up?