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Hair Loss Myths



Wearing a hat can cause baldness

False. Most experts do not believe that wearing a hat can cause baldness. To cause hair loss, the hat would have to be tight enough to cut off circulation to the scalp. To be on the safe side, if you do wear hats, make sure they are breathable and not tight enough to cause discomfort.

Hair loss is inherited from your mother €™s side

Undetermined. I have seen it said that hair loss is hereditarily passed down on the X chromosome, therefore mothers pass down the gene that causes baldness.

Shaving your hair will cause it to grow back thicker

False. This is another widely believed myth, even though it has no scientific backing.

Hanging upside down will stop hair loss

False. The hair loss market has produced some strange products, but one of the strangest is a device that allows the user to hang upside down for long periods of time. The theory is that the increased blood flow to the brain will stimulate hair growth. Don €™t try this one at home, there is no evidence of any medical benefit from this therapy. And all that blood rushing to your head can give a pounding headache.

Vitamin Deficiencies cause hair loss

False, in most cases. In developed countries such as the US, vitamin deficiencies are rare. The mineral zinc, however, is believed by some to help stop hair loss. In extreme cases of malnourishment hair loss may result as a side effect of general poor health. This can occur in people with eating disorders, such as Anorexia and Bulimia. Taking a multivitamin is recommended by many physicians, so this is a rather harmless myth.


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Thanks for these good answers. The main reason behind the hair loss can be the lack of vitamins or calcium in your food. There are many methods with which any bald person can regrow his/her hair naturally.


There are so many myths regarding with the baldness. ;;D

So why would everyone think about those when those are all not true?
Using hair serum would be more effective, you know?



You may be right Ricky. Vitamin and calcium can be the deficiency for hair loss. It's almost impossible that a bold person can regrow his hair naturally with the right use of Vitamin and calcium. If it would have been possible nobody would have used propecia or other medicines for hair loss treatment.

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