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hair loss since 10 years and nothing is helping me?



I have hair loss since 10 years. I am female and my hair loss started when I was 22. Now I am 31
I've tried many things but nothing has helped in the long run. my blood values are all fine and my doctor said i have telogen effluvium.
I had phases in between where the hair loss also became less, but always for 3 months and then the hair loss increased again
As an example, I tried to build up my gut better. After that, the hair loss became less, but only for 3 months. and then worse again
or i paid more attention to my diet, i.e. no gluten, no dairy products and no sugar, the hair loss got better for 3 to 4 months but got worse again
I also did a test to see if I might have leaky gut but that's not the case.
Now I am lossing 300 - 350 hairs on wash days (2 x week) and normal days 80 - 150 hairs
what i try next is to take a test to see if i have candita. can you help me what i could have? my hair is very thinning i feel so uncomfortable in my body


Staff member
What type of doctor told you it is telogen effluvium?