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Hair repair (3200+FUHT repair result) 16mths follow up

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Patient Nickname - Hair repair.

The patient first visited us in 2008. He had recieved a very bad and unsuccessful hair transplant at some other clinic 3 years ago.

(Please note there are graphic surgery pictures that may require viewer discretion).

He underwent a 3245 FUHT (+ 10 chest + 11 beard) grafts procedure in early 2008 to repair the previous surgery.

Since Hairrepair has depleted donor hair supply due to his previous surgery, the aim of the repair was coverage and natural look rather then density.In 2009, Hairrepair visited us for follow up. His appearance has improved remarkably. He no longer wears a cap and the hair looks natural.

Following are video and some pictures taken pre op and during Hairrepair's repair HT
Pre operative video is viewable at the following link http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/img/uploaded_files/12_file27.wmv

Two more pre op pictures

So often, I see repair cases that convince me that doctors underestimate the requirement of proper training.

Vikram is another instance of greedy physicians undertaking FUE, thinking its just about holding a punch and coring away.

This is the third such patient I have seen. But I suspect there are more out there in similar unfortunate situation.

We performed a strip FUHT - both in an attempt to repair some of the frontal areas and to excise many of the cysts the patient could feel in his donor area.

At the time of taking out the strip, my fears were confirmed.
Entire full thickness grafts had been buried and the scalp skin had healed over them - trapping them underneath.

I suspect the cause was overtumescence and random high speed "coring".

We have sent the cysts for Histopathological examination and plan to present these cases as case report for the medical journals. Hopefully, this will dissuade doctors from undertaking such cowboyish approach.

The following are some pictures taken at the time of Vikram's repair HT at our clinic.

The donor area with the hair buzz cut to 1mm

The initial strip incision reveals one of the cyst (pointed with the yellow arrow) lying close to the edge of the strip.

Some of the cysts that were dissected out and later sent to the lab.

The following is a picture when we dissected one of the cysts to try to see the amount of hair growth and its contents.

I think, if the cysts are left in situ, they will gradually increase in size due to the increase in epidermal debris, inflammatory cells, hair keratin etc. The body will attempt to encapsulate it.



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Yummy-:::C Nice correction but wow...always grim seeing what the procedure is all about.



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Great post Dr Arvind.

How often do you see cysts like this.

The patient is looking much better now.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
superb pictures and a very thorough and caring explanation thanks!


Hi yes I agree failure of this type is because of greed. I underwent a graft about six years ago and it has been a nightmare ever since the second graft. My first trip was perfect every thing went well. But the second time the docter was trying to do to many patients at one time. He left me sitting ,waiting after removing the donner strip from the back for like two hours! then he came in and punched the holes and an assistant finished up. The graft area was infected for like two years seriously they tried like every antibiotic known to man finally the area has somewhat healed. But now I have developed a cyst on the top of my scalp like the size of a quarter. I had to wait to have it treated because I could not be seen with a hole in my head at work because of what I do I am in direct contact with my customers and dont always want to have a base ball cap on all day. I would never recomend this large company to do any ones transplant. CB