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Hair Shedding and breakage



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When you say hair loss, have you noticed your hair is getting thinner in certain areas?
If so, it could be Thyroid problems, stress, certain medications, hairstyles that tie hair tightly or possibly female pattern hair loss.

It may be worthwhile contacting your family doctor for a medical check up or see a trichologist.

Hair shedding is normal, usually around 80 per day. If it is excessive and does not grow back, then you may want to seek advice from one of the above I mentioned.
Hair breakage can be your diet, even though you take supplements, I think the most common causes are hair dyes, dryness and heat damage.


I do take thyroid medication for about 15 years now and have it checked annually.

My primary doctor suggested multivitamins and Biotin, which is great but, they haven't improved my hair.

I am definitely shedding more than 80 hairs/day.

As for diet, I do eat well and cook my meals most of the time. Also, I let my hair dry naturally.

It's really frustrating that my hair actually grows; however, it grows weak and then breaks off.

Given the current pandemic situation, would you know of a trichologist who will make video sessions?


Staff member
Sorry to hear that your situation is not improving. What area and country are you from?

Eva Proudman

Trichologist, The Maitland Clinic

I've been suffering from hair loss, shedding and breakage for a while now, and despite having taken multiple supplements, nothing seems to help me.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Hair Loss shedding and breakage can have many different causes, 2 of the most common that relate to diet are a lack of protein intake, especially complete proteins such as red meat and fish and low serum ferritin, which is the iron that we store. Here in the UK we would normally run a blood test to check specific levels of vitamins and minerals as the normal range for general health is too wide for the hair, we have specific levels that are required for a normalised hair growth cycle, and to ensure that the hair does not shed excessively. Some over the counter supplements don't have the required dosage levels to really make a difference, and this is also worth checking. Protein and Iron intake dietary fact sheets are provided at our consultations where appropriate.

Stress can be a major factor in excessive hair shedding too, as we know stress affects many areas of our health the hair being just one of them. If stress levels are high trying to find time to relax, or turn your thoughts off is always good to do.

Thyroid conditions do affect the hair, however once medication levels are fairly stable then the hair tends to normalise, however there could be other factors such as hormonal changes that are playing a role too.

Currently during this lockdown period Trichologists are offering video consultations, The International Association of Trichologists has a number of Trichologists listed in America and their educational standards are very similar to those of The Institute of Trichologists in the UK, either organisation will have members listed who are qualified to offer advice.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Eva Proudman MIT IAT
Consultant Trichologist
The Maitland Clinic

Thin sister

Hi xando24. Sounds like you're experiencing a similar thing to me.
I`m shedding a tonne of hair right now and trying to establish what's causing it and how I can prevent it. Did you find anything that helped?