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Hair transplant advice needed - 24 years old



Hi guys,

I am asking for advice on which hair transplant doctor to go with? I currently reside in the UK and have decided to bite the bullet and go with a hair transplant doctor who is based in Europe, as i will not be able to travel further due to the logistics of my job. If possible, I would also like to know which norwood pattern I am currently displaying? A consultant for Dr Arshad mentioned that I am currently at level 4/5. I have contacted the following doctors so far and they have recommended me:

Lupanzula - 2500-3000 graphs predominantly in the front & mid-scalp

Feriduni - 2000-2600 graph into the temples, hairline zone and central core

Arshad - 2000-3000 graphs into the frontal and mid scalp zone

In terms of my family history my mothers side displayed little to no hair loss while my fathers side is a little more extensive. My father has a diffuse pattern with some loss in the crown, a pushed back hairline and visibly thin hair when wet. Despite this he still has a set of hair and there appears to be no baldness on his side of the family either. Both my grandfathers had covered their hair with turbans so I was never able to see how their hair loss progressed.

In terms of medication, I am currently taking finasteride and biotin to combat the hair loss and I am considering using saw palmetto and a derma roller in order to thicken up my existing hair. I understand that I am on the young side with getting a hair transplant. However, I would like to keep my hairline conservative, implant grafts into the crown at a much later date and focus predominantly on the frontal two thirds.





Staff member
24 is young but I understand why you want to do it. Your plan sounds fine and well thought out. Keeping your hairline conservative and planing the transplant around possible more loss is vital when you`re young. Hopefully, the meds work for you, possibly filling in your crown.
The graft counts are all in the same ballpark. As for your Norwood level, it`s hard to tell as your hair is combed over your mid scalp area.


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I will just add in, I had a HT with Dr Arshad on Saturday. It was a great experience and the whole team were very professional, if that’s anything to go by Im looking forward to my results.