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Hair Transplant Advice Please.



Hi All.
Im new to this site and I’m looking for any encouragement or advice please.

I’m 41 years old and in general have thick hair from the middle to the back and around the sides, however at the front area I have 2 missing patches which is making it harder and harder to style my hair.
The hairloss started I would say around 3/4 years ago.

I am noticing when I shower I now regularly lose around 9/10 hairs each time in my hand when I shampoo.

I have been using Rogaine foam (minoxidil) for around 9 months but I’m not really seeing much improvement.

Would a hair transplant just to the front areas resolve my issue?

I have been in contact with a company called “Want hair” in the Uk - (they seem to have very high ratings on trustpilot), but it seems I’m just talking to a salesperson when I communicate with them so they seem keen for my business regardless.

Below are my photos of my hair at the moment.
Any help / advice is much appreciated.


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Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
You're a very candidate with thick donor above the average, roughly you'll need around 2000 grafts, so you'll achieve high density with single to achieve homogenous result with your native hair.

Minoxidil can do some minor effect, but usually it effects more over the crown which you don't have hairloss at all.

You're welcome to contact me for consultation at HDC clinic in Cyprus.


I'm of the opinion that a hair transplant should be a last resort (it is surgery after all, and, like all surgery, leaves scars.) Given that you have an excellent head of hair (and not just for your age) I don't think that you need surgery. If I had your hair, I would get on with my life. But, of course, it's up to you. If you do decide to get surgery, I would only consider the most respected clinics (they aren't hard to find on these forums). Either way, all the best.


I think you have been given good advice.you have a real good head of hair for your age. your situation is similar to mine although you do seem to have some slight thinning in the vertex area at least based on the 1 photo. because of the latter, it may be recommendable to have stable hair through medication before doing HT. But again you do not need a HT. In any case, I suggest to hold off 1 or 2 years to see of this is really something to bother you. you can also use that time to inform yourself throughly on the subject.
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A hair transplant is a surgical process that aims to restore a more youthful appearance for those distressed by hair loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia. It is essential to have a sound knowledge of the surgery, and that is why you should know your best hair transplant surgeon.
The number of grafts required depends on the grade of baldness, which may range from grade-1 to grade-7. You need to contact the clinic center or you can schedule a virtual consultation online so that they can give you an idea about the no. of grafts required in your particular phase.

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I would consider Finasteride because right now you have good hair.


You have great hair and donor density, the temple recession is probably genetic. I think 2000 grafts are a good estimate for great density.


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Wanthair is a middle man selling transplants. Contact the clinics directly.


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Seeing 10 hairs in your hand when washing your hair is nothing to worry about. You probably have been slowly receding over time and just noticing it in the last few years.
Finasteride in my opinion would be the best option to slow it right down. You could go for a hair transplant at this point to address the temples.

Im new here

you are what clinics would consider a great candidate by your hair loss and age. You have great hair. Only have hair transplant if its with one of the best surgeons. Do not skimp on price for quality. If you ended up with a sub par on it would make it look like you are thinning more than the receding does now. You should get a great result just make sure its with a good doctor if you go for it