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Hair transplant cost



There are a few variables to take into account when a person is looking at the hair transplant cost. In order to get the best estimate on having the procedure done you need to have a free consultation at a hair transplant clinic but there are some basic guidelines you should understand. One of the big factors in the cost of hair transplants is where you get the procedure done.

Different parts of the country have differing costs based on a lot of different variables. If there are a lot of clinics or doctors doing the procedure then there will very likely be a downward force on the costs. Also, if not too many people are getting the procedure done then the clinics won €™t have as high a hair transplants cost as they would if there were a lot of customers.

Another factor, of course, is the size of the area to be treated. It is only obvious that if the entire top of your head is bald you will have to pay more than someone with just a small patch. The numbers of implants vary depending on the square centimeters of the bald area but in general it varies from around 1000 units to a few thousand. Hair transplant cost will be directly related to how many need to be inserted to give a good coverage of the balding area. This can be done using integrated and advanced Ultra Refined Microscopic Follicular Microslit Grafting using lateral incision technique. This procedure incorporates high powered surgical microscopes to split the donor strip into its natural hair growth units



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