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Hair Transplant experience with Dr Bicer



I have been reading this forum for a long time in my quest for hair loss solutions. I did not want to get a hair transplant and thought other options like minoxidil and medications would be a good solution. I did try minoxidil and biotin along with other vitamins but it didnt help. I started to look at hair transplant options and learned that Turkey is a major hub to get it done. Based on this and other forums I reached out to 4 doctors including Dr Bicer. I decided to go with Dr Bicer based on her results and the fact that she is certified IHRS and does only single patient a day. This was very important to me as I have the read the horror stories of technicians doing all the incisions and extractions and the doctor just comes in for consultation.

Dr Bicer and her team assured me that I will be the only patient in the clinic and they have taken all precautions due to COVID-19. I scheduled my surgery for Nov 5th. I travelled from Teaxs and was in Turkey on Nov 4th. Had my initial appointment with Dr Bicer where she explained me all the details and answered all my questions. On the day of the surgery we went through the hairline discussion where I wanted it to be lower but she explained that going any lower with moving forehead muscles while talking will not look natural. We agreed on the hairline and the procedure took 8 hrs for 3600 grafts. Dr Bicer was present during extractions and did all the incisions. The implants were done by the technicians and she kept coming around every 20 mins to check and make sure things look good. I am very happy with the initial results and looking forward to my next milestone of 90 days.




Staff member
Hi Gothair.
Welcome to the forum. It’s good to hear you had a good experience at Dr Bicers clinic.
The 3600 grafts should make a great difference to your appearance.
Your pictures are only thumbnails making it hard to see the actual work. Posting larger images is better.

All the best.



I'm considering Dr. Bicer for my hair transplant along with some other Turkish doctors... I'm keen to see how your donor site looks after 3600 extractions... Would it be possible to see a close up image?