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Hair Transplant for Cancer Scar Repair, Jerry Cooley, MD



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Cancer Scar Repair, Secondary Crown Work, Jerry Cooley, MD

This patient had a serious form of skin cancer removed from his right temple several years prior; this was repaired using a skin graft, leaving a large, noticeable bald area. He had an unsuccessful transplant done elsewhere.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair- Dr Jerry Cooley.jpg

Lifting the hair in the temple and temple point zone reveals the extent of the issue.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley.jpg

Dr. Cooley performed a small FUSS procedure and transplanted 1353 follicular units in one procedure.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (2).jpg

The final improvement is obvious.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (3).jpg

The placement encompassed the entire scar which was a relatively small area overall.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (4).jpg

Despite this being almost all scar tissue the yield was very high.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (5).jpg

In fact, the patient was so pleased with the final outcome, he decided to return for a second procedure to address his crown, which was affected by androgenic alopecia. Dr. Cooley placed 1530 via a second FUSS procedure along with PRP/ACell and finasteride.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (6).jpg

This final result is 18 months after the second procedure.

cancer-scar-hair-transplant-repair-Dr Jerry Cooley (7).jpg


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Good to see the grafts grew well in his scar tissue. Very nice repair work.


Wow ! it's great work done by the surgeon to ge back his natural hair amazing work have been done....


Crown and the Skin graft area both looks super.