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Hair transplant Hattingen Hair - Before And After Result - 4480 Megasession

Hattingen Hair

Hattingen Hair

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This patient presented as an NW4A which means a strong number of grafts were necessary to create not only fullness but density. Dr. Sever and Dr. Laura transplanted 4480 follicular units using our famous FUT method, which is known for producing dramatic results in only a single session. By the very definition of "FUT", stereoscopic dissecting microscopes are required to make sure that the singles placed into the frontal hairline, are actually singles.



Every aspect of this is incredible. Being mostly an observer to this forum I've noticed lots of people mention they would prefer FUE to FUT due to the scars being visible. Given the density achieved and the near invisibility of your patients scar I would be more than happy to have FUT at your clinic and I'm sure others would too.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Love this too myself! Huge fan of Hattingen Hair and the results they have achieved over the years.