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hair transplant help



Hello, a friend recommended i try posting on here

My main aim is to fill the temple for fuller hairline, I think mainly at the sides of my temple to help give my confidence back etc

I am 35, I do not think i am in for much more major hair loss anytime soon. Older brother (39?!) has similar receded hairline, father in his mid 60s now has similar hairline (abit with less hair everywhere due to old age really) no major baldness that i can remember from either of my grandads or uncles.

After reading up on meds.... i have ordered Finasteride 1mg (generic) and Regaine Extra Strength Foam for Men (5% Minoxidil) with intensions of trying this for 6 months to see if it helps reduce any more loss

I had a video call appointment with "ukhairtransplantclinics.co.uk" found them very sales orientated. The gentleman (who wasn't a doctor) he was an assistant took a poor picture of my head on his camera phone on device he used to video call me. Told me they use software to work out how many grafts i would need? Which they told me was 1980 grafts at a cost of £5300. Struggled to find any info on them there name is so generic? If that makes sense? They had some form of clinic in Glasgow and any operations would be Manchester.

Ideally i would be looking for an FUE clinic in UK or if possible Scotland.




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Your crown looks quite strong, Finasteride should help maintain and maybe improve it. Hair loss can skip generations but your family history is a good indicator of yours.
I would guess between 1000 and 1500 grafts to provide a good natural hair line with a density that blends in with your existing hair.
If you`re in Scotland look at DHI in Glasgow and The Glasgow clinic on West George Street. I think they both offer free consultations.


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Trying Finasteride could regrow dormant and miniaturised hair follicles and prevent or slow down any future loss. There are some great examples of regrowth in the medication section using both Finasteride and Minoxidil. Hopefully, it works and you don`t experience any sides. 6 months is usually the minimum before you notice if it`s working.
The place in Scotland will most likely be a hired office for consultations. Many clinics do this usually to make it convenient for people they are consulting with.
If you are in Scotland, you could check out DHI and The Glasgow Clinic on West George Street. Having a few consultations will give you a better understanding of what can be achieved.
At a guess, I`d say around the 2000 plus graft mark.
Maybe the clinics will advise you to restore your temporal peaks as in the image below.




I think that an HT accompanied by a "big 3" therapy (minox, fina, shampoo) can be a good solution for you. I believe you need around 1000-1200 grafts for a nice result. I have had my HT in DHI Glasgow and I am very happy with the result.