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Hair Transplant in Caucasians: Experience of Drs Bansal & Sethi at Eugenix

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Is there a difference between Caucasian Hair vs Asian/Indian Hair

We have been constantly asked about our experience of Caucasian hair restoration surgeries. We have been getting Caucasians as patients since 2014-15, more so in last 3 years. In 2019 alone 20-25% of our practice constituted of them. Unlike the notion that Caucasian hair restoration is difficult than Indian hair restoration, it is other way round. Baring the dark colour of Indian/Asian hair, most of the features of Caucasian hair outscores the former. Be it the number of hair per graft, number graft per square cm, or thickness of the hair; Caucasian hairs are better. The amount of grafts required to cover the bald area is more in Asians than Caucasians, due to the shape of the scalp and the hairline position.
Indian hair features are in between true Asian (mongoloid) and Caucasian hair. The northern and western part of India has most of the population which are similar to Caucasians, baring the colour of the hair. However, once we travel down in India towards south, the characteristics of hair changes. The north-east part of India has more Asian like hair features.
So, in India, we do get patients from different genetic pools and carry a huge and varied experience upon different hair qualities.
In coming days, we will be posting more videos upon our work upon Caucasian populations.