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Hair Transplant Istanbul - Asmed Surgical Center



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ASMED SURGICAL CENTER - Dr. Koray Erdogan: 5213 FUE

- Patient aged 50
- Norwood V
- 5213 FUE (manual)
- FUE sampling technique with a manual punch of 0.7mm and 0.8mm
- Placement of grafts with KEEP
- Lateral incisions with customized sapphire blades
- Dr. Koray Erdogan
- ASMED Surgical Center, Istanbul, Turkey

number of hairs per follicular unit

1-FU = 804
2-FU = 2377
3-FU = 1676
4-FU = 356

Or an average ratio of 2.31 hair per follicular unit.

Preoperative and 17 months after.

Asmed Hair Transplant Istanbul.jpg

Asmed Hair Transplant Istanbul1.jpg

Asmed Hair Transplant Istanbul2.jpg

Asmed Hair Transplant Istanbul3.jpg


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Glad to see the clinic doing some good work for a change, it’s a shame all your clients aren’t receiving these sort of results.