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Hair Transplant Packages at Eugenix - Explained by Dr Pradeep Sethi

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Tune in to watch Dr Pradeep Sethi busting all the myths and rumours surrounding the various hair transplant packages offered at Eugenix Hair Sciences.

Comprehensive Package at Eugenix Hair Sciences, India (Busting the myths) We get a lot of queries around our comprehensive package (Rs 75/graft) for hair transplant at Eugenix. Today Dr Pradeep is going to answer all of these questions and bust some of the myths being propagated around it.

Who are the doctors involved in the comprehensive package? Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika have handpicked and trained all the doctors at Eugenix, investing their time and resources so that there is no compromise in quality. In the comprehensive package, the planning, designing and 100% of the slits are done by Eugenix trained doctors. These doctors are some of the best hair transplant surgeons in India and have already performed 1000s of hair transplants at Eugenix, ensuring amazing results. What is the involvement of technicians in this package?

The surgery is led by doctors and only the Implantation of grafts will be done by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians under the guidance of Eugenix trained doctors. What is the quality of hair transplant in this comprehensive package? Eugenix Hair Sciences is known for its world class quality, aesthetic hairlines and amazing results. All our packages deliver the same quality as we invest heavily in training and R&D to ensure a ZERO compromise with quality. You can see the results of our comprehensive packages in the links at the end of this video.

OUR PACKAGE - https://www.eugenix.in/cost-of-hair-transplant.html