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Hair Transplant Procedure



Do hair transplants really work c;;9?
Yes. Of course, they do when performed by an experienced surgeon. A lot depends on the technique also. Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the latest rage in the industry. It is the most advanced technique that give you guaranteed natural-looking hairline without any pain.
Brand also matters. Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, you should research about the clinic €¦its experience, the clients it has offered results to, check its €œbefore and after € pictures of the clients. You will get an idea of their efficiency.
Don €™t chase cheap hair transplants to save money. Think again! How come they are able to offer hair transplants at such a low price while, at the same time, other renowned brands are increasing the price?
These cheap hair transplant don €™t invest in equipment, infrastructure, machines, instruments, and everything else that help make a procedure successful.
So you know what should you look for in an ideal hair transplant clinic. Success of a hair transplant procedure depends on all these factors. If these have been well taken care of, then hair transplant will work for sure.
Want to know about DHI? Read below:
Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the most advanced hair transplant technique in which hair follicles are implanted one by one directly on the affected area of scalp. Each and every hair follicle is placed by a DHI surgeon using unique single-use instruments that provide full control over direction, angle, and depth. DHI ensures 100% natural results as well as maximum survival rate of follicles.
The hair transplanted by DHI DirectTM technique do not fall out. They grow naturally through one €™s lifetime.
Unlike FUE and FUT procedures, DHI procedure does not require reception incisions. Additionally, a person is not required to shave his head before undergoing the procedure.
DHI is not only the safest hair transplant procedure but also pain-free. Best of all, the procedure leaves no scars.
In other hair transplant techniques such as FUE and FUT, the procedure is often performed by untrained assistants to save the cost. However, the whole DHI procedure from start to finish is performed by DHI surgeons certified by London Hair Restoration Academy.
Key Features of DHI:
· Most advanced hair transplant technique invented by the global leader in hair restoration €”DHI Medical Group.
· DHI technique is taught in major public universities in Europe.
· Performed after hair evaluation tests i.e. Hair Psychology Test, DHI Alopecia Test, and Hair Biology Test.

Key Benefits of DHI:
· 100% natural results.
· No reception incisions.
· No stitches.
· No scarring.
· Pain-free.
· Maximum survival rate of hair follicles.
· Performed by DHI certified MD Doctors using single-use instruments.
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Of course, hair transplant really works to help the restoration of baldness hair. This process is done by FUE hair transplant technique in which hair root extracted from the donor area and implanted on require area.


I have done a hair transplant at Master Group in Lisbon, by FUE technique and it worked at 100%.


I've done it in Turkey, and I am very satisfied with the results!


Thanks for Sharing useful Information.
In Hair Transplant Surgery grafting techniques are used in which the doctor took hair from a donor site and implant at the bald area of the scalp.