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Hair transplant Research Tips



Here's a few simple things you MUST keep in mind before you choose a clinic to undertake your hair transplant.

Please take into consideration the gravity of the choice you are about to make, the clinic choice you make will affect you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Too easily people (myself included) forget this and it can leads to varying levels of an unsatisfactory result, depression and severe regret. Price should NOT matter in the slightest, if you can't afford it then wait until you can (it will be worth it!). This doesn't necessarily mean that the highest costing Doctor is the best but one things for sure; you unequivocally get what you pay for and the procedure is not a simple one that anyone can do without making it look like you've obviously had a hair transplant. Creating an undetectable, natural hairline is a skill very few have perfected.

Remember, you don't want to look worse than before you went for a hair transplant and be more subconscious of your appearance and have a worse issue than what you were trying to fix in the first place! With all that being said, there are many skilled Doctors currently practicing who can create a perfectly natural and undetectable result!

What's expected of a good procedure:
Grafts extracted from your donor area contain either 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. To create a natural hairline the Doctor must use single hair grafts at the front of hairline, then behind these doubles then triples, then quads. This will give a soft hairline progressing to a denser mass of hair behind the hairline and will make your results completely undetectable.

You need to choose a trichologist who can correctly implant grafts - The direction, angle and depth of hair implantation are VERY IMPORTANT. An unskilled doctor who does this wrong will result in unnatural looking hair. Not only that but most likely it will be difficult to style as you'll have hairs pointing in various contrasting directions.

Questions to ask:

Size of punch for extraction & implantation;
1) The extraction size shouldn't be so big it damages surrounding hair in your donor area.
2) Some of the more skilled Dr's I've seen use different punch sizes for implantation depending on whether they're implanting single hair or quad hair grafts.

Is the trichologist doing the job or a technician?

What is your donor capacity - how many grafts do you safely have left for future HTs before you run the risk of over-harvesting?

Speaking to previous patients of any clinic you speak to.

Having minimum 5 consultations with different Dr's to see their different opinion. See which matches your expectations best.

Using this forum and as many other sources of information to find out everything you can about the clinics and doctors you're considering. Google. Youtube. Clinics Website. Youtube. Previous patients. Review sites. Use them all diligently!

Random tip I read somewhere which may or may not help but to me, it makes sense:

Booking your appointment on a Wednesday (Monday the technicians may be hungover from weekend, Friday people could be rushing / wanting to leave for weekend)

Are you taking what's required to slow or stop your future hair loss?

Here's my hair loss regime:

Propecia 2.5mg eod
Saw Palmetto 450mg daily
Biotin 1000ug daily
MSM 1500mg daily
Minodixl (Rogaine) morning and night application

Additional extras I've never personally used but may give good results:
Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000mg daily
1% Nizoral shampoo weekly
Lasercomb x 3 weekly
Hairline conceal: Toppik and dermatch

Please feel free to add to this list and help anyone on their HT research journey!


Staff member
Some good information there. Thanks for sharing.

Sophie Nigam

This is really helpful and informative. I was searching for a quick solution for hair loss. My wife is suffering from hair loss problem for a long time. She is frustrated and depressed. I just want her smile. I guess I’m lucky to have this post on the search. Thanks for sharing the guideline with us. I appreciate it.


All very important information great post. Talk to surgeons about the amount of doner you have, its all about supply and demand. If you have a low doner amount really consider beard grafts. They work very well and soften like your native hair after a few years. Dont go very low on your hairline, you can always lower it later, its more difficult to raise it .