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Hair Transplant Surgery for Linear Scleroderma 817 grafts

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The Treatment Rooms Ldn

The Treatment Rooms Ldn

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This was a case of Linear Scleroderma being treated with hair transplantation. The condition in the scalp can leave the affected patient with a deep scar, from which no hair can grow from. Hair transplant surgery can be performed to the area but is complicated due to the lack of soft tissue and fat under the scarred area which means it is not an ideal environment for the transplanted hairs to grow. We transplanted a total of 817 grafts to the scarred zone using the FUE technique and the result is as demonstrated. His scar has been concealed and the outcome is better than what we were looking to achieve.

Hair Transplant 1.jpg

hair transplant 2.jpg

hair transplant 3.jpg