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Hair transplant without propecia



Hi All,

I have the type of hair loss where I am thinning all over on top - I'm probably at about 50% loss now so it's noticeable even when cropped short.

I did try propecia in the past, but had negative side effects and don't want to use it again.

So my questions:

1. Is there a way to have a HT and retain other hair without using propecia? Or alternatively, is it realistic that I could not use meds at all and eventually replace all of my hair with subsequent HTs down the road? I have been for a HT consultation in the past, and told that I have good donor hair.

2. Given that my type of hair loss is the one where I am thinning all over, I'm not sure if I am a good candidate for a HT. There is no 'clear' area where I have no hair, since I don't have a bald spot and hairline is not receding. Photo attached for reference.

Thanks for your help!



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My hair loss started like yours and I took no notice until it was quite bad. My first thoughts were to get a hair transplant but after receiving advice on here I stuck with Finasteride which has helped loads. If I’d had a transplant my loss would have continued wiping out any gains.
What dosage were you on? Lots of guys are cutting it to 1mg every other day or 0.5 per day to offset the side effects.
If you get a transplant and continue with hair loss your donor would most likely run out at some point. You might be lucky if you only lose so much.
Minoxidil might help you or topical Finasteride.


I posted a very similar question a couple of months ago. My intended strategy with meds would be to start with 1mg of Finasteride per day/other day and if I am bothered by sides then to switch to topical in conjunction with Minoxidil and/or Saw Palmetto which is a more natural alternative DHT inhibitor albeit less clinically proven than Finasteride.


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Having a hair transplant without any preventative regime is taking a risk. Have a read of this post to see what can happen with progressive hair loss.
You could try one of the options the members have mentioned to see if it works. If it does, you will be in a much stronger position going forward if you decide a hair transplant is for you.