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Hair Transplantation: 2300 grafts, Grade 2, by Drs Sethi and Bansal

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Planting hair in the hairline zone and the area immediately behind the hairline zone in the frontal area is challenging because that is the frontal part and gateway to the face. The right kind of hair - like the hairline has thinner caliber hair, lightly pigmented hair, irregular hair, and slow-growing hair; are important in the hairline zones. In the temples the hair has to be acutely placed, the curl should be upside down, etc. It is very important to ensure such factors in the temple area. While doing so, one also has to be always mindful of the potential progression of baldness in the individual. This is why the hairline should not be too low or too high but rather it should be very judicious. It is very important that all of these factors should be kept in mind when designing and constructing the hairline.





He looks so much better now, particularly with those temple peaks in the after photos.
Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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