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Hairline Lowering + Additional Density - Dr Mark Tam

Dr Mark Tam

Dr Mark Tam

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Hairline Lowering + Additional Density With 3 Hair Transplants Over 3 Years, Dr Mark Tam.​

Dr Mark Tam discusses his approach to hairline lowering. Lowering the hairline is a small step to achieve natural, good looking results, without over-using the donor area and too much of a rapid change of facial features/facial ratio. Also allowing one to evaluate if after the initial hairline lowering, that it is already sufficient and have the option to stop without further lowering of the hairline, saving the donor hair follicle and limiting the amount of work required. This patient of Dr Mark Tam, who had 3 hair transplants in 3 years to first lowering his hairline in the 2 treatments and adding additional density to the treated area on his 3rd transplant.