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Hairline Result – 0 to 11 Months – 2100 FUE Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic



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This patient started working as a Hair transplant technician with HDC in the beginning of 2016. His hairline was receding, and he wanted to make a hair transplant to restore it. Being a member of HDC Medical team he knew that the work performed is perfect.

So, in September 2019 he proceeded with the surgery.

We placed 2100 grafts and dense packed his hairline and temples.

He does not have a bad history of hair loss, but he may lose density of the hair behind the transplanted ones in a few years. In which case he will need to cover those areas too.

All patients visiting HDC Hair Clinic, can see his result in person.

It is as presented below:


Immediately after

10 Days after

11 Months after



Looks awesome that. Must have been a real bummer working in a transplant clinic with a receding hairline. Does he use anything to help maintain his hair?