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Hairline&Temple Points Result-Drs Paul and Ron Shapiro



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Young patient in his late 20 s wanted his hair line restored that fit his active lifestyle yet he was also apprehensive about surgery. Given his young age, Dr. Paul recommended a relatively conservative approach. Patient was thrilled with his results and quickly wanted more ¦ ¦ ¦..

Dr. Ron performed surgery #2 a little more aggressively considering the patient is on ht meds and has healthy hair behind the hairline. Dr. Ron brought the hairline down a little bit as well as addressed the temple points. The patient has above average donor density and supply.

Surgery #1 - Dr. Paul Shapiro 1470 grafts/2386 hairs

Surgery #- Dr. Ron Shapiro 2186 grafts/3622 hairs

Patient is once again thrilled with his results. He does a lot of water activities in the summer so he really couldn t be happier. He normally wears his down with a messy look but we sprayed it wet and combed his hair back to show the new hair line. This patient has unlimited hairstyle options.
Before and Final Result from Surg #1 & 2

Before and 9 Months Result with Dr. Paul Shapiro Surgery #1 [/b]

Dr. Ron Shapiro - Surgery Number #2[/b]