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Harley street hair clinic v Vinci



Hi I’ve been told by 3 clinics now including Haley street I need 2000 grafts in the front and 1500 in the back Vinci told mme I only need 3000 and it can all be done in one day which sounded dodgy to me so when I said that both Harley street hair clinic and the crown clinic Manchester told me it ha done be done over 2 days he said that was stupid and it was just because they were lazy hence I then went back to Harley street hair clinic I’ve seen lots of good reviews anyone got any options on the best surgeons there .


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I had 3729 graphs done in 1 day, so it can be done.


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Many clinics can perform FUE surgery of 3000 grafts and over in a single day. It does not mean they are better or worse. They may have more staff or simply take a lot longer to do it. Clinics have different protocols, look at the patient results, speak with patients if possible and take your time before deciding on anything.


I have not heard much about them. From my research Dr Edward Ball, Dr Reddy Raghu and Dr Mark Tam seem to be the best. I just had mine done with Dr Mark Tam and had a great experience.