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Harley Street Health Care



Hi, I am seeking some help/guidance
I have recently paid a £500 deposit for ht to Harley Street Health Care.
they have let me have a choice of clinics but reading a few threads on here it seems they may not be the best. my quote was £2000 for up to 4000 grafts. I probably only need 2000..
my issue is that this seems terribly cheap and I do not want to risk quantity over quality.
has anyone used these before?
Many thanks


Staff member
You could ask why they have other clinics patient pictures on their website claiming they are their own patient testimonials. Why have they got an image of Dr Hasson as their main surgery picture? I know he has not given them permission to use it. Why are some of the patient images used on their website used on the Hair Growth centre website? Hair Growth Centre has used other clinics images too.
Ask who is responsible for your surgery and aftercare? Is it the company or the staff hired for the surgery?

Ask yourself, how is it possible to perform a 4000 graft surgery for £2000.