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Has anyone used Nutrafol?



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Most of the reviews I`ve read on this product say it makes the hair thicker and healthier, nothing much about new growth. At $88.00 per bottle and a 6 month advisable trial period it works out somewhat expensive.


is biotin in there? I think that is also important. I think these things help when supplemented with other products that aim for hair regrowth. Like I found an interesting blog post about hair regrowth after the loss from seborrhoea. The guy used the supplements but they aided the hair regrowth process mainly. The supplements alone might not really help. Just my thoughts!


Most of the reviews I`ve read on this product say it makes the hair healthier, but not sure how much you can believe them


I`ve been looking at this product recently. Positive reviews and a clinical study show good growth using it.

NEW YORK, July 10, 2018, PRNewswire/ -- A recent clinical study lead by the Ablon Institute of Research shows that Nutrafol®, the natural nutraceutical for healthy hair, effectively helps promote healthy hair growth and improves overall hair quality in women. The successful results were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Drugs and Dermatology (JDD),a highly respected resource for dermatologists and researchers worldwide.

"Results from the clinical study showed that 80% of women taking Nutrafol reported significant improvement in their hair growth quality," says Dr. Glynis Ablon of the Ablon Institute of Research. "We were also delighted to see that subjects taking Nutrafol reported an overall improvement in health and wellness in addition to the positive hair parameters. While Nutrafol focuses on hair health, the formula is thoughtfully comprised of pharmaceutical grade botanicals that provide a true inside out approach."
Since its launch in 2015, Nutrafol has been backed by Unilever Ventures and has invested one-third of its total funds into R&D and clinical testing, becoming the fastest-growing hair growth brand in the direct-to-consumer and professional channels. Nutrafol aims to disrupt the $7 billion dollar hair loss industry bringing to market next generation healthy hair growth solutions to the 80 millions of American men and women looking to improve their hair health.
"Today, consumers are skeptical and demand a higher burden of proof of efficacy than ever before. Which is why, at Nutrafol, we challenge the norm and test our formulas under strict scientific standards. It is our mission to always go that extra mile to ensure quality, safety and efficacy for our customers and physician partners," says Giorgos Tsetis, co-founder and CEO of Nutrafol.
"Nutrafol's approach to product development follows rigorous guidelines that focus on a multi-targeted approach that addresses the multiple factors of poor hair health: including stress, micro-inflammation, hormones and diet," says Roland Peralta, co-founder and Chief Science and Product Officer at Nutrafol. "We are thrilled by the results of the clinical study led by the Ablon Institute and are committed to push the boundaries, invest in research and continue to test products far beyond the level of commitment from any nutraceutical in the market today."
Study parameters and results:
The six-month double-blind study measured forty healthy women, with self-perceived thinning, ages 21-65 years old, evaluating each participant at baseline, day 90 and day 180. After day 180 of the study, results include:
  • 80.8% of subjects reported increased hair growth
  • 80.8% of subjects reported increased hair thickness/body
  • 76.9% of subjects reported noticeable new hair
  • 73.1% of subjects reported increased hair volume
  • 73.1% of subjects reported an improved hair growth rate

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Would be good if we got some info from someone who had tried it dude...it does sound an interesting alternative to Fin being natural....good find...... but the proof really is in the pudding so to speak so I reckon time will tell dude.