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Has Michael Greco from Eastenders had a HT?



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So I was flicking through social media as you do and an article came up that really peeved me off. It was an article in the Mirror Newspaper saying how Michael Grecco who played Beppe de Marco in Eastenders looks so different these days. This article was obviously done to cause shock and humiliation to the poor guy as hes lost his hair since he was on the show. The amount of negative and abusive comments from women on the article blew me away......if it was the other way round there would be hell to pay......what's wrong with being kind.
Also on the article it showed a video and despite being nearly completely bald it did look to me like he had a little bit of a hairline which could have been a HT from the past....but if so it wasnt very dense at all so I'm just guessing.


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Hard to say with the photo but what little I can see I'd say there is something to your suspicions.


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Watching his video I`d say he has had something done a while ago and since lost more hair. He still looks good and keeps himself fit. The narrow minded people who posted abuse need to take a long hard look at themselves.

I like this quote from Michael.
It doesn’t matter how we have changed our appearance and how we look on the outside. It’s far more important how we have changed on the inside. Be kind. Smile and be happy. Life is beautiful and life is precious. Stay healthy and love your friends and family with all your heart.

Here are some pictures of his hair, not the best quality but do show some stronger thicker hairs which could be transplanted ones.




Like Michaels quote
That's what is all about
"Until In a couple of weeks when I forget his quote and start stressing again about my hair haha

Mick From Farjo

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It does look as though he has something done in the past.