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Hattingen Hair - Dr. Laura Muresanu & Dr. Sever Muresanu.

Hattingen Hair

Hattingen Hair

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Dr. Laura Muresanu, Dr. Sever Muresanu.

The doctors are skilled to perform all aspects of a hair transplant. Principle duties are design and planning, anaesthesia, FUE punching, strip removal, and suturing and slit making in the recipient with custom-made blades.

Our Tech team is medically certified and trained in-house to perform the cutting and slithering as well as graft placement, in a professional but caring manner.

We perform both FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Techniques and consistently perform large FUT sessions in one day of 4000 plus grafts on candidates with average hair and skin characteristics.

We have a multi-lingual medical team and to ensure we provide the best education and care we employ native-speaking advisors able to communicate in English, French, German, Swiss & Austrian Italian, and Spanish.


The most efficient form of harvesting is the strip method (“FUT”), the hair is removed in a single segment or strip. The area is closed using the latest plastic surgery techniques leaving a very narrow linear scar. Using the latest technique, Trichophytic Closure, it is possible for hair to regrow back through the thin scar helping to camouflage it even further. The result is a barely noticeable scar with long or shorter hair. Normally the closure area is covered immediately post-operation by the surrounding hair, although if the hair is shaved the closure will be visible until the hair grows longer. An advantage of this harvesting technique is the effectiveness and efficiency to remove a large number of FU´s in a single day as well as a high % of intact follicular units in optimum quality.


This is a more recent donor hair extraction technique evolving from the dated punch grafting method and is called “FUE” (Follicular Unit Extraction). The follicular units utilising a cylindrical punch (0.7-1.2 mm) are first punched and then extracted, with the diameter of the punch guided by the hair characteristics of the patient.

For Follicular Unit Extraction to be performed at the highest level the donor hair must be shaved as this allows a better understanding of the natural follicular units’ orientation as well the variants of densities in the donor area. This is vital to follow so as not to leave areas of obviously lower hair density, visibly thinning or extracting hair from out of the safe zone. Once the FU´s are removed they are carefully examined under a microscopic to ensure that only healthy follicular units are transplanted.