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Hattingen Hair - FUE Natural Hair Transplant - 2700 Grafts @ 7 Months

Hattingen Hair

Hattingen Hair

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Here is another fantastic hair transplant result from Dr. Sever and Laura Muresanu and the team at Hattingen Hair in Switzerland. This patient presented with moderate NW3 patterned hair loss and wished to have Hattingen Hair FUE to allow for very short haircuts afterward. Dr. Sever and the team transplanted 2700 grafts into the frontal third of the scalp to not only rebuild the hairline but to add fullness and density to the frontal regions behind the hairline. The result is shown only seven months after the procedure, so more fullness and growth is expected. Is this the perfect hair transplant? Maybe. It incorporates all of the elements that most patients are looking for into a single procedure.
1. Density.
2. Naturalness.
3. Strong growth.
4. One procedure.
5. Impeccable donor region.

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
This is superb! the use of single hair grafts in the hairline really make this look incredibly natural. Love this:):)

Donor looks to be in great shape too afterwards.

Great work as always guys thanks for sharing

Jackie Brown

Good video of his hairline, very natural looking result, he must be so happy